Ethiopia: Top Oromo activist ‘mocks’ terrorism charges of ‘kangaroo court’

By Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban

Mocks terrorism

(Africanews) — Jawar Mohammed, an influential Oromo activist charged with terrorism by the Ethiopian prosecutor has mocked the charges of treason and terrorism.

He described the ruling Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in a tweet that said, ‘‘TPLF has finally put on its honor roll by charging me at its kangaroo court. The charge is said to include treason and terrorism.’‘

Mohammed, who is the Executive Director of Oromia Media Network, was on Thursday charged along with the leader of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), Dr Merera Gudina and Dr Berhanu Nega – leader of the opposition Patriotic G7.

TPLF has finally put on its honor roll by charging me at its kangaroo court. The charge is said to include treason and terrorism.

The charge for Mohammed was largely based on the fact that his outlet had served as a conduit through which the OFC and Patriotic G7 had fuelled wide spreading protests in the Amhara and Oromia regions of the country. The two groups are banned by the country’s parliament.

His charge comes despite being at his base in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the US. All three accused are said to be involved in “creating pressure against the government, threatening society through the means of violence” and attempting to “disrupt constitutional order.”

The Oromia Media Network (OMN) which he heads describes itself as ‘‘an independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit news enterprise whose mission is to produce original and citizen-driven reporting on Oromia, the largest and most populous state in Ethiopia.’‘

According to its website, the necessity to establish such an outlet was because of the totalitarian state control over print and electronic media in the country. It says the state’s suppression of independent media continued adversely affect people of Oromo whose population is around 40 million.

Under Ethiopia’s current state of emergency rules, there are some media channels that have been banned by the government. There is restriction on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which are seen as the driving force behind calls for protests which have often been met by heavy security clampdown.

He however sounded a warning to the government in a later tweet that the people of Oromo will soon rise against the ‘‘mercenary paramilitary force.’‘

3 thoughts on “Ethiopia: Top Oromo activist ‘mocks’ terrorism charges of ‘kangaroo court’

  1. Oromo people stand up for your right where ever you may be tplf is diverting Oromo mind from straggle. tplf is declared war on Oromo people in all oromia part.
    Qeeroo stand up where ever you may be tplf is cleaning Oromo people from the face of the earth. tplf is cleaning oromo people from finifine (adiss Ababa) from their ancestral land transferring Oromo land to tigre to day finine looks like mekele there is no Affan Oromo in finfine all tigre Oromo people stand up for your right. You did it before you can do it. You destroyed tplf alread you just need to bury them, For ever this fascist greedy low level tige. Unite with all our brothers and sister such as sidam and all others oppressed nations. Oromo people and Amhara people have responsibility to save this country from fascist tplf before too late. You will be expected to do so now.
    All Ethiopians will be held you responsible if you just keep silence and watch these tplf criminals while they are committing genocide. tplf must be stopped. Stopped now! All Ethiopians must unite to defeat tplf together.
    This call must be answered by all Ethiopians the time is now!. There will be no regret for what will happen if you don’t unit now. tplf they do not care for that country and its people they just care for money and land transfer to tigre. They must be stopped and stopped now.

  2. Nothing is surprise here. In tplf’s court All oromos except some TPLF buchulas are seen us terrorist. Whether you are legally registered opposite party, armed struggle opposition party or even journalist reporting any thing against tplf you are in the category of terrorist . What is working for oromos to dismantle this evil settlers /colonizers are as follows :
    1) Stop fighting each other for future political power.Mee re’en foon haa’taatuu jedha Oromoon. This kind of thinking is delusion . Must be stopped. We are not there yet. First thing first analogy must be applied .
    2) UNITY: everyone including our enemies know that our unity is a nightmare for all oromos’ enemies and it is the one way we can expedite our result, our freedom . That is why for centuries, our enemies are dividing us on the basis of religion and region. These differences must be seen as our strengthl. Diversity is our beauty. If we all know that our unity can Bering the intended result that is freedom, why we don’t March against those who are working day and night to divided us and safeguard our unity.
    3) MILITARY Power: The is the only way tplf is dismanteled . We shouldn’t be fooled, who ever has power gets respect and attention . Look north Korea, China, Russia etc they are respected and gets attention because of their military power . Therefore oromo must build a military power which can destroy this shaky tplf regime and safeguard our freedom. Instead of calling or naming or forming another armed political organization, we must come together and maximize on what we have on the ground now. The oromo people are tired of hearing names of many political parties in a vacuum. Somany of them calling themselves an armed opposition party but in reality only one has a tangible military force that is WBO. Let us bring all our resources to stand with them and hold account able the leaders if they are not doing what they are supposed to do.
    4) DIPLOMACY: WE MUST be prepared very well why we are better than tplf to bring peace and stability in the country and in east Africa. We must make friends the neighboring countries. We must have strong diplomacy.
    Other than these, we are just talking the talk and tplf is doing the job.

  3. I hope, Oromos will seriously think and learn how to build up institutions instead of building cults around few individuals.

    Why are only two or three individuals glorified over here when millions of Oromians are already labelled as terrorists? I am having hard time to understand why some Oromos are trying so hard to create individual cults again and again? Isn’t it educative enough that we already had created the cult around Leencoo Lataa, a person who destroyed the aspirations of millions of Oromians and families of thousands of deceased Oromian heroes who stood for the independence of Oromiyaa?

    I hope, Oromos will seriously think and learn how to build up institutions instead of building cults around few individuals.

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