On 8th of January 2016 Oromo community in Munich call all peace loving peoples to join the rally against the atrocities committed by the Ethiopian government indiscriminately on Oromo people.

Since end of November 2015 as protest began against the implementation of Addis Ababa” Master Plan”, the Ethiopian government used excessive force to crack down the protest. Consequently, hundreds of students have been killed and many more wounded. Many thousands of innocent citizens have been detained and languishing in prisons, secret camps and behind the bars. Right groups have documented also many disappearances.

We the Oromo Communities in Munich and vicinity, call for a Peaceful Demonstration on 08.01.2016 in Munich, Bavaria, to Protest against this heinous human rights violations committed by the Ethiopian government and appeal to the German government and people.

The demonstration starts at:9:00 am, Marin Platz in front of Rathaus
Executive Committee of Oromo Community in Munich and vicinity

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