Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) Day & Oromo Mobilization Initiative in Washington, DC – Saturday January 21, 2017

2 Responses to Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) Day & Oromo Mobilization Initiative in Washington, DC – Saturday January 21, 2017

  1. Waa'hima Saba January 6, 2017 at 12:22 am #

    My beloved oromo brothers and sisters, it is time of action not time of talk and criticizing each other anymore. The only thing oromo is left with to come out of this historic tragedy is to strengthen our military power to fight tplf colonial power and take our country back. To do this, there are many things the oromo diaspora can do. Among the many things, Stop everything else and contribute MONEY to buy WBO & Qeero (the hope of oromo freedom) clothes and shoes (we have seen them training & fighting barefoot ), food and drink (they barely eat once a day), and last not least buy weapon. Dhiiroo , we have millions of fighters but they desperetily need our love and support. We all have moral obligation. The coordination between Qeero bilisuma , WBO and the Oromo people will dismantle the York of TPLF of off the oromo people’s shoulder in shore time. Bilisuma is approaching let as hurry up to do our fair share. Kootamee torbaan tokko mealii tokko qofaa (only one meal a day) haa nyaanu as a nation to support wbo . Amarii waan bayyee hojeechaa jira. Nu’yyii Garuu damaqaa hin jiru. Maaloo Maaloo , the next round of fight is not easy one we must rush support to come out with strong victory. Tplf is already failed politically, and economically badly affected in the one year period of Qeero strong peaceful resistance & now we must go on offense. Peaceful resistance has done it’s extended damage on tplf, now it is different face and different strategy & our support and patience is indispensable for our success. Don’t pay attention to Social media war that tplf has waged on OLF. It doesn’t matter whether it seems from inside or outside, we don’t see it differently, wayyane is behind because of the fear tplf has of OLF. Look , why do you think tplf imprisoned all oromo by the name of OLF? OLF is tplf’s night mare and tplf also knows that OLF means OROMO and oromo means OLF except the few sold themselves for temporary gain of power and fame. But history is always against them. Let not history be against us.
    Galatoomaa !!!

  2. danbale January 6, 2017 at 6:50 am #

    Thank you and well done for organising and event to support Warana Bilisumma Oromo and mark the day Dirmannaa Sabaa . Would it be any good to promote these in some part of Europe where we have sleeping giant and even on global scale calling day of Support for Warana Bilisumma Oromo and Dirmanna Sabaa which will send a shock wave to the enemy in Oromia and their surrogate amongst Diaspora .

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