Ethiopian Muslims have been staging protests for the past 3 years; urging the Government to grant them religious freedom. This includes the right to elect members of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs (SCIA). Current SCIA members have been appointed by the Government to facilitate imposition of an alien religious doctrine imported from Lebanon. Instead of addressing this simple issue, the Government has been rigorously repressing, dividing and mislabeling protesters.

Among the victims of this repression is the jailing and torture of members of the arbitration committee that were elected by millions of Muslims to represent them to talk to the Ethiopian government to resolve the outstanding rights issues. These are well known elders and scholars that represent all different age groups, and come from different ethnic groups.

Since October 2012, the government of Ethiopia arrested, tortured and charged the arbitration committee with fabricated accusations that international human organizations called baseless and called for the immediate release of leaders of the Muslim community.

After 3 years of imprisonment torture and torment, their trials by a court system that is not independent and under the direct control of the security apparatus, it is announced that June 29 will be the date the government will give its verdict. The innocence of the leaders of the Muslim community is beyond of the shadow of any doubt though it is expected that the government will pass its political charged harsh sentence.

Oromo Muslims Foundation of Washington Area adds its voices to the millions of peace loving Ethiopian Muslims that the courts verdict short of total exoneration of the peaceful Muslims leaders of Ethiopia will be totally rejected and the Ethiopian government will bare all the responsibility of its unjust actions.

We urge the peace loving people around the world to hold the Ethiopian government responsible for its inhuman actions that might come out of the court’s decision.

Oromo Muslims Foundation

June 28, 2015



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