6 thoughts on “Oromo TV: Gadda, gadadoo fi iyyannoo Baqattoota Oromoo (Yaman Irraa )

  1. Kun heedduu nama boochisa. Maal gochu qabna? Maal gochu wayya? Mee haa mari’annu dhiiroo! Hanga yoomitti ummatni Oromoo gadadaoon jiraatee gadadoon du’a? This is a national crisis that concerns each and every Oromo.

  2. OROMOS please lets inform our family and friends not to leave their country, its better to dye at home with dignity.

  3. @Tigre TIgab ayichilim , But we have no country of our own, it is already taken by Tigreans and that is why people are desperate to leave the colonial state.

    1. yes we have country, all we need is to be united, organized, support and contribute any thing we can, to take over our country back from few Nazi tigre mafia gang.

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