2 thoughts on “Oromo-TV: Kabaja Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo kan bara 2016 Oromiyaa Xiqqoo Kutaa Minnesota

  1. Hellow Brothers and Sisters at OromoTv
    Wish you Wel, Galatoma

    Oromo yout, women, children, old Oromos are under military law, marshal law, it is disasterous not only humiliation. It is catastroph to be occupied by tigre gangs. Disgrace.

    On the other hand, ve have many liberation movements fighting each other instead the occupying enemy. Oromo people do not need many fancy liberation organizations.

    We need one , only one united Oromo armed forces under one command, one organization.
    We need a political organization united. A political organization and Oromia armed forces.
    The present OLF is infiltrated by tplf/woyane. We know that there are OLF leaders who are on the tplf/woyane payroll living in Eritrea and Scandinavia.

    We need devoted clean corruption free Oromo leaders. We need experienced military leaders competent in military strategy, comand.. etc. The true Oromo armed forces and political organization should be supported by Oromos at home and abroad.
    The Oromo media organizations must take this seriously.
    Thank you

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