3 thoughts on “#OromoProtests Continue in Oromia and around the world

  1. Thanks to the previous President of District of Oromia Alemayehu Atomssa inconjunction with the previous Prime Minster Meles Zenawi’s hard work the educational development of the district of Oromia bare fruit.

    The new generations of gala people are by far filled with geniuses than anyother ethnicities . If Alemayehu Atomssa and Meles Zenawi were still alive we would have seen peace and development not famine and unrest . .

    1. TPLF chigar enji tigab ayichilim. Our land fed you and fattened you beyond your imagination. You landed in our land famished and barefooted. Greedy and arrogant TPLF thugs want to eliminate Oromos. It’s your greed and arrogance that become your final undoing. You may not see it but your lavish lives in Ethiopia will end soon.

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