‪#‎OromoProtests‬- (29.02.2016, ‪#‎MilitaryWithdrawing‬, Oromia) The Ethiopian regime is withdrawing the army from Somalia and redploying internally. This picture was taken 30 minutes ago in Dagahabur, Somali region. The photographer witnessed tens of trucks passing through. Some of the soldiers disembarked to buy cigaret and confirmed to him that they are returning from Somalia and heading to Eastern Hararge.

The regime is also expected to withdraw and redploy the peacekeeping forces from Sudan/South Sudan boarder. According to one of the commanders there, they are ordered to prepare and stand by for final orders.

‪#‎OromoProtests‬- (29.02.2016, ‪#‎TaxiStrike‬, Oromia) Taxi drivers in Addis Abeba and its surroundings are striking as of this morning against a new traffic regulation which started to be implemented as of Monday 22 February.
In 2009 the Addis Abeba City Council favorably voted to ratify the new traffic regulation, Road Transport and Traffic Control Regulation. Following the 2009 ratification of the amended regulation, the Addis Abeba Transport Bureau (AATB) claims to have had discussions with taxi and city mid-bus owners’ associations as well as the society at large before reaching at the recent decision to implement to regulation, seen by many as too strict and unpractical.
Up on the news that the new regulation was being implemented taxi drivers and city dwellers have taken to radio stations call-ins expressing their fears that the regulation ignores several circumstances, including shortages of proper taxi parking areas in the city, bad road conditions and the corruptible nature of traffic police officers.
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