6 thoughts on “OromoTv: Qabsoo Bilsummaa Oromoo fii Afaan Oromoo; Seenaa Bara Afurtamaa

  1. Obbobo Xahaa Alii Abdii,
    Dhugumaan ilma Oromoo qulqulluu fi sabboonaa cimaa tahuu kee haasawa bilchinaan dubbatteen nuuf mirkaneessiteetta.Of hin dhaadne.Dhaaba kee fi jaala kee kaminuu xinneessuu fi galata dhowwuuf homaa hamtuu hin dubbanne.Kun kabajaa fi jaalala Oromoo cufaaf qabduu fi tokkummaan akka sabaattis tahee akka jaarmaatti hangam tokkaa duwwaa akka nuuf qabdu nu barsiifte.guddaan siin boona.Ummurii kee irra dardara fakkaatta.Sammuu qulqulluu qabaachuun lubbuu nama dheeressa.Amma illee nuuf buli.

  2. You fell to deliver the truth at the right time to save lives and repair the damages or resign.Leencho shut your mouth,he in return 1991 was played by Meles less educated than him and broke the back of olf to satisfy him and finally run away with all his cheap group.(that is a clip of Oromo history).

  3. Thank you obbo Teha Abdi. You are humble, down to earth. I want you be my leader. You respect yourself, your friends, your organization and your people, Oromo. You arenfree of regionalism in words and practice. You are an examplary for the new generation. Thanks.

  4. Revolutionary leaders are often admired by their people (followers) when they appear on the scene as great simplifiers who could offer them as a simple and eloquent message; a solution that every one can understand and act. Obbo Xahaa Abdii (including his intimates) could be sagaciously admired as a man of articulatory orator, but not as a man of revolutionary actor and humble simplifier.

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