Personal Ambition the source of our weakness – By Rundassa

Personal Ambition the source of our weakness

By Rundassa Asheetee Hundee

Personal Ambition the source of our weakness

Many people wonder why the Oromians fail to accomplish what the Tigreans have accomplished. The answer of this question, many said, are tribalism, localism, lack of education and religious divisions. Nevertheless, I believe that the actual reason for our failure is the Individual Ambition trap in which many diaspora Oromians find themselves.

When Individual Ambition overshadows collaborative effort, it becomes very difficult to promote Collective Ambition. This happens because Individuals who dream to climb the top social ladder do not care why the Organization they joined is created, what it is hoping to accomplish, how they would collaborate with others and achieve the set goal, and how their personal interest aligns with the core values of the organization they belong to. Men with such an attitude undermine Collective Ambition because all they want is to satisfy their personal Ambition.

Although these kind of men talk a lot about the purpose and the mission of the Organization they belong to, the real dream behind their talk is to achieve certain personal benefits. When this happens, the organization that was formed with vision and purpose loses direction and its leaders are divided.

For example, the OLF had a targeted goal and the objective it aspired to achieve within a reasonable time frame. For that very reason, it had strategic and operational priorities and even took the necessary action against the Darg military. When the Darg government collapsed in 1991 and it became apparent that sharing power with the Tigre tribal leaders is the possibility, some OLF leaders joined the TPLF to satisfy their immediate economic needs under the name “Selaamawii ONEG.”

The rest remained loyal to the organization’s original objective until they too gradually fell apart. One group claimed that it wanted to change how the OLF did its business and got a new title “jijirama” and others became Qaama Ce’emsaa. Very interesting was that even the Jijirama, a group that promised to bring change to the OLF split again into several segments with no targeted mission or commitment to the original OLF objective. What made the entire Jijirama episode weird was that the Jijirama that was led by Gen. Galchuu joined the Habasha group and promised to democratize Ethiopia. During that time, men like Bayaan Asooba criticized the general Galchuu Jijirama team saying that joining the Habasha team was a mistake.

As time went by and situations no longer benefited Dr. Bayaan Asoba, he left the OLF, also known as Shanee Gumii, and joined the other half Jijirama team to which the Lencoos, Hasan Husein and others belonged and led a small group known as “Marii Biyya” or something to that effect. Now months past and the ODF came into existence with an agenda to promote general Galchu’s original idea of joining the Habasha group. By then, general Galchu dropped the idea of promoting the democratization of Ethiopia and formed KWO.

But why did Dr. Bayan Asoba joined the OLF when he was a young man, and then surrendered to the Derg government, became secretary of Ethiopia’s communist party, then went to eastern Europe on scholarship, rejoined the OLF again, left the OLF now, rejoined Ethiopia for another round exactly when the TPLF government is decaying from within.

What one can observe from this constant shift individuals such as Dr. Bayaan, Diimaa and the like are making is that what matters to them is not what they have promised the Oromo people, but satisfying their personal ambition. Here, what remains confusing is that these individuals still talk about the Oromo liberation. They talk to their communities, individuals, religious groups, tribes especially when they are rejected by the organization they belonged to. Be they are the Ethiopianists or those who surrendered to the TPLF, they all say that they are committed to the Oromo Liberation cause even when they joined the enemy and let the TPLF kill thousands of OLF soldiers.

So, when we look at these situations, we learn how men jump here and there to satisfy their Individual Ambition.

Lichoo Bukuraa and Kumsa for example talked on the Tigre Television about localism and old thinking that weakened the OLF and yet they were who destroyed the OLF from within.

There are similar groups who talk the same way from within the Oromo community and religious establishments.

Having studied these types of men, the only way it is possible to draw a line between men with Individual Ambition and those who can work for collective goal is by checking whether or not one would compromise on the Core Values of liberating the Oromo nation from the Habasha colonial yoke. Basically, those who can compromise on the core value do not have a guiding principle that dictate what they can or can’t do.

Continues on part 2

10 Responses to Personal Ambition the source of our weakness – By Rundassa

  1. Alisomali January 2, 2017 at 6:11 am #

    Couldn’t believe..! Thought I was reading a Somali history book
    Very view good leaders emerges us…. like general Waaqaa of Oromia and general siyad Siyad Barre of great Somalia
    What hold us back is those carbage so called leaders who their main job is to divide their own communities
    To well serve apartheid Abyssinian murderuos regimes

    Long live oppressed nations in fake Abyssinia
    Don’t loose hope…today’generation are full of talented and courageous individuals

    Nb .. an Oromia hero general Waaqaa once said : if we can’t free our nation today.. iam sure next generation will do it 100% certain..
    Every body can see .. the whole world can see how alarming breve Oromia younger generation are … may ALLAAH bless them amin

    Oromia shall be free soon inshaALLAAH
    And rest of oppressed nations will follow suit

  2. Hubata Dubbii January 2, 2017 at 12:41 pm #

    It is so easy to keep listing and keep extending it so that it may go all the way around the world and then comes back to the same point. 🙂

    If it is a matter of list listings as an end in in itself may I also ask your permission to join the crowd and add my own list to the already long list.

    Okay? Okay! Then for me and for my wise grandfather ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS as to why the eplf and the tplf won what they have won and still kicking is due to the then prevailing political and social changes that came to surprise all actors, that is to say, the cold war era disintegration of the Mighty Soviet System (back bone of Mengistus Regime) that lead to the total weakness of the pro-soviet dependent Mengistu’s regime on his neck being all the big and small emboldened anti soviet and anti Communist cold war era circles, leaders, etc. of the Western governments and non governmental organizations who have thrown their unhindered generous supports behind the ragtag bare footed rural peasant armies and militias of the eplf and tplf. Here I mean that we should NOT forget the era, the time and place or location where specific historical events have taken place otherwise we might characterized for being guilty of dimensional parroting which may not be able to distinguish the trees from the bushes.

    This also means that the great Oromo people need to stop being petty and bicker mongering habitual finger pointers at each other but THINK BIG promote unity within diversity, plan as if going to live thousands of years and then work on their consistently so hard as if they are going to die just tomorrow. The tricks of the trade is constant and holistic capacity building from the ground up (political capacities, social capacities, economic capacities, diplomatic capacities, military capacities, local and global networking capacities, local and global friendship making capacities, etc.) Always remember the fact that our present world of the 21st century is an open world of NO LIMITATIONS with where the expression, “IMPOSSIBLE” IS NOTHING. So please start mining deep down in to your MIND!

    “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” ~P. Dick, I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon 🙂

  3. Boruuf Bulchaa January 2, 2017 at 12:49 pm #

    I think you are correct at some points. But the usual rhetoric of the liberation of Oromia as an independent country is the imperfect and impossible dream.It was tested and died out .The only way to do business is to democratize Ethiopia make sure that the Oromos will be save. The political organizations you are talking about is already done. They did what they can, but no more. Their survival depends on the emergence new generations of political organization which may have relevant policies and strategies to lead.

    • Sammy tortorree January 2, 2017 at 9:09 pm #

      “to make sure the Oromos will be saved in development bank or where?” Lol

  4. Tujjii January 2, 2017 at 6:52 pm #

    You are confused and mentally prisoner of the past old song succession.hey come on —in order oromos get their freedom they have to have genuine alliance with other Ethiopians especially with Amharas.we get tired of your old song.

  5. Hubata Dubbii January 2, 2017 at 7:21 pm #

    Boruuf Bulchaa,

    You have just an old fashioned and wishful out dated thinking even though you have some points too. The 45 million great Oromo people can not and should not leave their fate at any one’s hand. To do so is both fatal mistake and suicidal reactive behavior which does not belong to the current century. Araat Nexxib!

    Democracy in the from of shared rule and shared good governance within Ethiopia is acceptable to me if and only if the great egalitarian Oromos are able to have their fair share of some 45% of all round power and control over their resources while others can do so too. Such arrangement also means that the 45 million Oromos as a majority MUST necessarily lead the common system so that the whole country may become majority based, stable and peaceful strong country unlike all the past and present minority based empty chest pumping unstable and chaotic system where wars of all against all happens to the basis of government change and system transition. No body knows about democracy, egalitarianism, equality and justice for all more than the great Oromo nation whose traditional values and cultural patterns used to be based on such humanistic patterns. And the ground work for such transition must have already been done by various Oromo individuals and groups rather than sitting reactively and waiting for the Manna to drop from the heavens in the last hours. 🙂

    Not being like the case above and others thinking of pushing Oromos around just like the filthy bygone dictatorial days and years Oromos have absolute moral and legal rights for fighting to the finish and establishing their own independent Democratic state. I strongly support democracy, pluralism, coexistence, prosperity, sustainable development, etc. if other partners are honest and wish the same both in theory and practice.

    Short of that I must have another alternative. Why should I swear and tie my hands ONLY ON ONE SINGLE OPTION ALONE? What about if it does not work and the reasons for its failure has nothing to do with me. Go and hang myself for lack of any other option? Hell No! ):

    Any sensible individual or group must necessarily have some viable alternative options in the back pockets assuming that others also do the same in order to maximize their take homes.

  6. Murataa January 2, 2017 at 11:59 pm #

    @Boruuf Bulchaa & Hubataa Dubbii,

    Thank you for sharing us your views in your comments. Even though your comments are under different name, it seems one person.

    Both of you are contradicting yourself in your views.

    Hubataa Dubbii:

    You look like you were part of the old Oromo liberation leaders who couldn’t see their surrounding by scanning the international, regional and national situation during those days of struggle. You shamelessly mention about the “…the cold war era disintegration of the Mighty Soviet System..” as if affected only Oromo struggle and as if that change was driven by EPLF and TPLF. The only difference b/n Oromo organizations and the EPLF/TPLF organizations was that the latter used the cold war era disintegration wisely, smartly and systematically to their advantage. Other than that nothing specifically affected Oromo organization negatively at the time.

    You also mention about the POSSIBILITY of everything on one line and contradict that idea on another line by recommending as if there is only one way of doing thing in the Ethiopian empire, thinking ‘unity within diversity’. What a loss?confusion? and lack of clarity of thinking. And such kind of thinking could be the source of disaster in Oromo struggle if you were or are part of the struggle.

    Boruuf Bulchaa:
    Didn’t you read or hear about the best & known quote regarding the word IMPOSSIBLE, i.e, “Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools.”.
    In fact, for those who couldn’t use the fertile environment of the two world powers situation under the Dergue regime era to liberate Oromo, it shoulkd absolkutely look like impossible to think let alone top do it. Did not you see the ‘shaker and movers’ of the new Oromo generation? What do you think when you see Fayisa Lellisa doing miracle & history single handily?
    Stay focused and see what the new Oromo generation can do sooner or later. PLS: DON’T INTERFERE and play with fire!!! Thank you for your understanding!

  7. Whitestar January 3, 2017 at 8:23 am #

    Even if oromo are divided they can achieve a lot. Just think the oromo are double the number of both habasha tribes. So if only six million of the oromo are as determined as the tigrayans they can achieve alot. BTW division is not something that is uniquely oromo. We need to think outside the box and come up with something new and stop looking back at historical mistakes, it is not good for the moral of the youths. To have a personal ambition is good and it is not necessarily something to discourage however it is important to have experience, political maturity, self confidence and negotiation skills so you don’t sell your people short. So far oromo are just great potential but it desperately need leaders who can unlock that potential.

  8. Ayyaanaa January 3, 2017 at 11:14 pm #

    This is provocative writing, in which specific persons are mentioned instead of address why our failure is so conspicuous, seemingly, because we have not attained the things Mr. Rundassa envisioned in his head. There is nothing wrong in having personal ambitions. Many of us join various organizations, go into businesses, do volunteer jobs, etc. to satisfy our personal ambitions. Mr. Rundassa is in business because of personal ambitions. The problem is when the organization/s is/are run by people who wield absolute power, are unaccountable, etc. their ambitions dominate the objectives of the organisation and this what happened to OLF and still happening to it.
    You mentioned 1991, when OLF joined Transition government to take part in the running of the country. It was a well-known fact; the OLF believed Oromia is a colonial state and yet joined the colonizer state to work with TPLF. The big question should be asked is what was the style of the leadership then and how was this basic stand of OLF made null and void?
    Because of this many newer grouping are saying we need to collaborate with in the Oromian movement and reach out to other oppressed people to make Oromia and Ethiopia a democratic place for all to enjoy the fruits of equality, justice and freedom. We also need to get out of the old box in which we have put ourselves and romanticize the “the independent Republic of Oromiyaa”. Therefore befitting to your quotation at the beginning, we need to be flexible in our pursuit of democratic rights.
    With you next essay please focus on the main prize instead of the flip-flop of certain personalities.

  9. Tuli January 6, 2017 at 1:00 am #

    I think as someone mentioned above Woyane & Shabia were lucky to be there at the right place & time. This not to say that they haven’t scarified. Yes they did. More than that they had clear, acceptable and attainable goals. Their goals were clear to the international communities. They were able to convince and mobilize support, not just then, even today. In spite of the gross human right violations, no one condemn them. They still get generous support from many countries. Why? because they presented themselves as the only viable option who can pacify & rule Ethiopia. Until such time that Oromo leaders get their act together & beat woyane, TPLF will continue to rule us an abated. Its only when we know our destination & direction that we can drive safely & efficiently. Similarly a struggle for fantasized dream will remain only a dream. If we are serious, we need to have clear objective that can challenge TPLF both politically and emotionally. The goals need to be broad, inclusive and acceptable to the people at home and the international communities.

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