5 thoughts on “Press Release, Declaration, Signing & Public Meeting on the Establishment of PAFD

  1. Well-done. This is who we are we are many we respect each other’s languages. Yours is mine. mine is yours. Share each other’s value. tplf fascist do not want to see our unite. They are burn themself fplf fascist will be defeat soon, Defeated by our unity by the people power.

  2. Do you know if you do not speak well and clearly English or speak only in your own language no one can force you speak English. Leave that part to those who speak very well or tell the children who was burn there. They can speak or read well. or make you are ready before you go to stage. Do not bring shame and uncomforted for us. Where were those Oromo kids who speak English very well. Oromo people must learn English very well. This current generation have obligation to learn very well English and other languages, because of the situation we live in and the current world situation.

    To Editors please do not post all unedited. Some of speech in other language It doesn’t feel good. Or make sure the people are ready before the speak.

  3. WW! For so many years tplf fascist were spreading hate between us. Today they break that hate between our people. My God establishes love between us and defeat our enemy tplf fascist. All the people in that country love each other’s. Our enemy is only tplf fascist. We must keep our unity strong to destroy our enemy tplf soon. Support PAFD all our country people must support them for the love of our country to liberate from fascist tplf.

    Call to the people of that county as a whole do not work for tplf stand-up with PAFD together. This will eliminate the difference between us. To days love for tomorrow our country establishment to live together peacefully and indignity.

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