2 thoughts on “Protests in Ethiopia grow in Exponential Rate

  1. Right now even more than these unstopable demonistrations it is extremy important to cross all the political, religious, regional etc. borders and form a broad based all encompassing locally and globally vibale leadership that may step in when the right time comes and the need becomes apparent.

    Otherwise all the hungry rats and miceb will surely start coming out of their dark corners in order to cunningly steal the achievements of these generation of brave Oromos who decided to take their destinies in to their own hands rather than leaving their country for the ruthless and incurable adversary and then go die on the high seas and barren deserts. Cool, cunning, balanced, visionary and transformational leadership is what is absolutely needed.

    The endless myth of Invisibility will be shattered deep down to its bones simply because it is far to long outdated and could not reform itself even for its own sake. ):

  2. My heartfelt congrats to the people of Gonder for the courage and bravery you have shown in the face of the savage and brutality of the terrorist TPLF group. The sleeping giant is awakening and getting up roaring. I am proud of you for deciding to confront the TPLF terrorism and for becoming a partner in struggling to bring about peace, justice and democracy in Ethiopia. We stand shoulder to shoulder together and create an Ethiopia where the rule of law reigns, the rights of all its citizens are respected and everybody gets a shot at life irrespective of its background.

    Your strong showing in Gonder today alone has upgraded the ongoing REVOLUTIONARY HURRICANE to CATEGORY 2. As the revolutionary hurricane keeps blowing over Ethiopia gathering more and more vapor expaning its horizon, its category will keep being upgraded.

    In line with this, when (not if) Bahir Dar, Debre Markos, Debre Berhan and Dessie join in the revolution in the coming weeks and months, the revolutionary hurricane will be upgraded to category 3. When the revolutionary hurricane hits the Southern region, it will gain more strength and will be upgraded to category 4. It will then turn north gathering more steam and then hit Finfinnee/Addis Ababa, it will be CATEGORY 5, the strength of which will wipe out the terrorist TPLF from the face of the earth liberating our country from the TPLF terror rule.
    Keep the revolution raging and keep upgrading its category!

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