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Refugee deal with East African rulers? | monitor | 04/14/2016 | 7:56 min. | The first
Refugee deal with East African rulers? | monitor | 04/14/2016 | 7:56 min. | The first

(WDR) – Georg Restle: “The refugee deal with Turkey has raised primarily a question: How much are the EU and the federal government human rights actually worth? Obviously little. And apparently nothing more, if you look at the next deals that are now to be negotiated. Ironically, one of the worst despots in Africa. Regime facing tens of thousands to flee, should now become partners in Europe; internationally wanted war criminal charges. ”

Brussels, March 23, 2016 the Ambassadors of the EU states discuss Africa policy, the protocol is MONITOR ago, the issues – confidential.

Quote: “The Commission stressed the sensitive nature of the contents, which should under no circumstances get to the public.”

No wonder: They talked confidentially about the refugee policy in Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia, extremely dubious regimes in East Africa. Germany complains loudly proprietary protocol that would sent back to a few refugees.

Quote: “We called the situation in the recycling region as unsatisfactory.”
Return to regimes such as Ethiopia: EU Commission and External Action Service will work together with him, Prime Minister Desalegn. In December 2015, it is allowed the uprising of Oromo down beat, there were at least 140 deaths, say the UN. The culprit: the brutal Ethiopian security apparatus. But exactly this wants the EU, according to secret documents now work together. Man wanted in refugee policy a “better exchange of information with the Ethiopian police”. And: There should be a package laced with “rewards” for Ethiopia, but the depends on its cooperation in the repatriation of refugees.

Example Sudan: The EU is considering entry facilities for Sudanese diplomat: He is here, President Omar al-Bashir – wanted by the International Criminal Court, inter alia for genocide. The EU is well aware that the negotiations mean with it a high “risk” to lose public esteem. Nevertheless, one could negotiate to remove Sudan “from the list of terror-supporting states.” The EU Commission had MONITOR request indicate the most important in the cooperation with these countries were “the protection and promotion of human rights.”


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