3 thoughts on “Sagalee QEERROO Bilisummaa (SQ) Onkoloolessa 27, 2015

  1. living a dream life, show off, cry, looking down on each other, many disagreements, opportunistics, will come back when it comes to my mind

  2. Goota Meeqa dhabne, Caccabee Lafeenii, Ittuma Fufa Hin Hafu Qabsooni! We have lost so many heroes; no matter what our struggle will never stop it will continue until our people will be free from slavery and free our land from occupation of fascist ptlf and neftegan who will never sleep for Oromo people. Plf fascist planned to genocide Oromo people. Those neftegna and tplf fascist supporters who support master plan behind close door will never have place in Oromo. Oromo people will retaliate from those fascist. The true will never be buried for ever it will come out soon, the sun will shine for Oromo people and those all oppressed people and all others freedom lovers. No matter how long it takes our land will be free from this parasite tplf fascist.

    To all others brothers and sisters all freedom loves defend oromia from fascist tplf Nero Nazi banda. They will be defeated soon God will. Oromo people where there, and are there and will be there on their land for eve. tplf fascist will vanish soon, Tplf fascist power is built on the sand it will sink and collapse to its end soon

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