November 30, 2017

WE SAY NO TO SLAVE TRADE: Spread this message with your contacts. Let the fight against SLAVERY start with you

Spread this message with your contacts. Let the fight against SLAVERY start with you. We should stand in Love, Peace, Unity and Solidarity to denounce SLAVERY sweeping across Libya. Humans regardless of background, MUST never be dehumanized to the extent of selling them for money. No human is worth buying! I repeat this, No Human is worth buying! I have just put this video not to make hatred between humans of any background but rather to show the cinematographic preview from a movie as a reminder of how black people were treated in the period of slavery.

The Italian government officials started slave trading East Africans (Ethiopians) with the collaboration of Libyan human traffickers for the past 10 years and the madness started to include the west African also very recently. All of the sudden everyone started to go mad about what happened on west Africans as if it is ok for East Africans to be slave traded. They even titled their news “victims of west Africans” as if the lives of East Africans do not matter. It doesn’t matter if your root come from western or Eastern Africa, it should not happen to any human being. You can’t win racism by reposting with another racism!!

“Injustice somewhere is threat to justice everywhere” MLK

My heart is bleeding for the baby
May God protect them. ምን አይነት አለም ላይ ነው ያለነው የእውነት እንደ እንስሳ የሚያስብ ሰው ያለበት ሀገር ፈጣረ ህዝብህን እድን ።

This is Evil ISIS in Libya.
Please shared this, this ungodly people in Libya are killing our brothers, please if you don’t have anything to help with please the sharing of this videotape..OMG!!! Please our brothers

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