2 thoughts on “SBO and OVR Ebla 27, 2016

  1. Hellow My Brothers and Sisters
    The Young Oromos are dying in the desert, at sea being food for fish. The Oromo people are suffering in the hands of the enmy armed forces, the agazi nazi army. The land of the Oromos is sold given to foreigners and the tigres. The worst humiliation is that the Oromo people are under the tigre military law, i.e. The Oromos are colonised by the tigres. This is disasterous. Humiliation of the Oromo people is terrible.

    ome Oromo leaders never understand, they talk about “ye Ethiopia mengist” Ethiopia mengist does not exist. The whole are has been occupied by the tigre liberation front.

    To Liberate and save the Oromo people we need a united organization, i.e. provisional government which can organize armed forces, with a military leadership with military experience, combat, experience, training and logistic experiences.

    People from Asmara Eritrea shall never liberate the Oromo people. OLF leaders must move to the Oromo land. Eritrea, shabiya and tplf/woyane are exactly the same.

    We need an experienced military leader, and in parallel political leader. There must be divied roll between the military and political leadership. The Oromo people at home and abroad shall stay behind the political and military organization. These must be new generations which have no any kind of relation with the tplf. NEW GENERATION

    This is about the survival of the Oromo People. Fund raising for the liberation of the Oromos must intensifies. Liberation needs resources.

    The Qeerros and the Oromo workers must be given all necessary support.

    Oppen discussion, the Qeerros are doing great job. All the Oromo people must stand behind the Qeerro.

  2. Hej Caalaa and Samiya, you are kutatu ilman oromoo ti. The role of females are still under utilised. Especially Samiya will do better. Every body of us struggle not for the sake of other. But it’s LIFE or DEATH. So will win one day.

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