27 thoughts on “Secretly recorded TPLF meeting following the massacre of Ethiopians in Libya

  1. Didn’t Minilik killed 5 million Oromians ? Didn’t Tewodros, Yohaannis killed milliions of Oromoo people for their refusal to be converted to Orthodox? Didn’t Haile Sellassie and Mangistu killed thousands of Oromians for their resistance to their rule? Hasn’t Ethiopia under wayyaanee killed thousands of Oromoo children, women and elders because of their resistance to its colonial rule in Oromia? Today, aren’t 100,000 Oromians suffering in Ethiopian prison today? Who has been cutting the arms, breasts and heads of Oromoo people since the end of the 19th century? Is it not Ethiopia? So why is it that the death of 30 Ethiopian christian in the hands of ISIL is so painful than the death of millions of Oromoo people in the hands of Ethiopian butchers? Are 30 christian Ethiopians more human than million Oromians? Is the blood of 30 Ethiopian christian more precious than the blood of millions of innocent Oromians? Where is the rule of justice? ISIL killed 30 Ethiopian Christians yesterday but Ethiopia has been killing millions Oromoo people for over a hundred years. Where is the rule of justice that should condemn and bring Ethiopia to justice first and ISIL next to Ethiopia. I bettered be killed by fellow Oromian christian or Muslim than slapped by Ethiopian christian or Muslim. The conflict between the uSA and the jihadist ISIL is not about justice and freedom. It is about controlling and ruling the world. Both are after our raw materials, labour and market. The conflict between Ethiopia and Arab Muslims has never been over religion but it has been over the control of Oromian resources disguised in the name of religion for rallying the ignorant population. Until Oromian army dislodged both from Oromia in the 16 century, the conflict between Ethiopian and Arab Muslim army was the conflict over the control of Oromian gold, ivory, slave trade, spices and fertile land. After Oromia chased away both Ethipian colonial army lead by Gelawodiyoos and Arab colonial army lead by Ahmad Giraanyi, they tried to form an alliance against Oromian independence of the 16th century without success. So the conflict between the west and the Arab Muslim in general and the conflict between Ethiopia and the Arabs has nothing to do with religion but the resources of Oromia. Oromai is a victim of both Jihadist and the USA. So, neither jihadist nor the USA have a solution for Oromian independence but ourselves. The USA has been the financier of Ethiopian military and police that has been torturing and killing Oromians and displacing millions of Oromians. The USA has been the financier of thousands of secrete and open prison in Oromia in which millions of Oromians are being tortured and languishing for life. Oromos should not expect any thing from the USA and Jihadist but from their blood and lives. USA’s policy against Oromian independence is not different from Jihadist agenda to force their brutal policy down the throat of the world by force.

  2. Advice ,
    I understand individuals are responsible for what they say on this website. Hawwine Bari’s comment is uncalled for and , I consider it very dangerous to our struggle for freedom. I believe,Hawwinee Barii is a wolf in sheep’s clothings. I advice Ayyaantuu.com to delete Hawwinee ‘s comment immedaitly. And use good judgiment for what has to be posted on this website in the future. Thanks.

    1. girabdiin

      you are absolutely right!!!!1

      this guy is working hard to divide Oromo & spread hate in the name of our peace loving people.

      hawwinee is TPLF agent, his comment should be removed.

      1. funnyman

        you are
        GOJAME DEBTERA or TPLF telalaki.

        OROMMUMMA is RISING with 50million people INCLUDING our QEERROO.

        sooooooooooooooo funnnnnnnnnny

        1. My point is that you have no point. When making comment, need to use a common sense. I guess you have to be educated to make a factual analysis. Otherwise you should avoid commenting. Stupidity only alow you to remain same person you were 150 years ago.

  3. girabdiin,

    This is not wayyaane’s media that is the forth world wide to stifle freedom of expression. This is free Oromian media where truth are spoken naked and as they are. If any thing is wrong with my comment or my comment is not backed by evidence, confront my comment with your facts than threatening ayyaantuu. Ayyaantuu is not paid by you or by your masters who feel angry when truth is spoken to and their lies opened wide for the world to see.

  4. Iman,

    I want you to pin point part of my comment that divides Oromoo people. If my comment is driving Oromians away from you, that is my job. If my comment is making Oromoos you are riding conscious, I am proud of it. If Oromians are removing you from their back because of my comment, that is what proud Oromians do. If Oromians rejected your deception and accepted the truth that I talk to them, I forming the unity of those who are righteous. As I begged girabdin, I beg you to confront my comment with facts than threatening ayyaantuu for respecting my freedom of expression. Take threatening freedom of expression to masters who are very soon going to account for atrocities they committed in Oromia, Gambeela, Beenishaangul, in Shiree, in Iroobaa, in Raayyaa and Azeeboo, in Agawu and Bahir dar, in Ogaaden, Sidaamaa, Kaffichoo, Walaayitaa, Kuunsoo, Gumuz, In Majjangir etc. You guys are surounded by volcano that can erupt any time. Where are you going to hide your self?

  5. Nama Afaan Tigree beeku akka nuf hikan fuldurati waanta akkanaa barbaachisaadha. Nama qabna natti fakkaata kana kan hiiku Afaan Oromootti. Afaan saba biraas akkasuma. Harki caalu ummati keenya kan “journalist” dubatu beeka malee waan namichi Tigree haasa’u hinbeeku. Gama kanaanis itti yaada.

  6. Hi,

    To Hawwinee,

    1. The comparison is not right, there is no big and small atrocity all atrocities are painful and damaging. I will tell, injustice on one person is the same as injustice to all. Due to this your comparison does not seem healthy.

    2.You seem like only Oromo can fight for his own, what is the problem having alliance and collaboration, with those can support us. Hawinee, we are living in the 21st century where people can stand together from all part of walk and corner. So injustice on Oromo is injustice to all people of the world, injustice to Ethiopians is injustice to all in the world, injustice on Christians is injustice to all in the wold, injustice to Muslim and others is injustice to all people in the world.

    3. The last, on Oromia resource I think we are a little bit exaggerating, facts should be available when we say that, In Ethiopia in terms of resource not too much difference except the human resource and handling of the physical resources. So it should be looked very carefully. You can see other countries rich in oil and minerals in Africa as well as in other continents, so On the resources part it is good to see data in comparison to other with out bragging like the whole resource of the world in Oromia.


    Support the people!!! the true leader!!!


  7. Again i appeal to ayyaantu.com to seek legal advice about Hawwine’s statment. The owner or the manegiment of the website can also be responsible by association. I am not tryin to threatening ,ayyaantuu or Hawwine, or freedom of speech. we, oromos are fighting for freedom, peace and equality. Our enemies are TPLF/ODF. So Hawwine i don’t know who even you are. I know for sure you have an ulterior
    motive. We all oromos distance our self from your statment.

  8. from my point of view these elements are isis supporters and who are glad for isis the masacare.
    gadda.com ..this website has not posted isis execution yet.
    bariso …Muslim wehabi extremist.
    ebisa…Muslim extremist.
    whitestar…he did not dare to denounce the execution, alsheba supporter.
    hawine barri….muslim extremist ,selefiya or wohabi.

  9. Haawinee barre.

    Are you got mad? You saying Arabs and Ethiopians were fighting over oromo land? It may be

    I am not denny that.but its madness when you called Ahmed guray the Arab leader.

    He was not Arab leader he was a African man and Somalian as we’ll.
    And you writer here he was an Arab leader. Your coment is an bout this is complately false and untrue.

    Ahmed Guray was a Somali leader he lead Somali forces .
    He was general of Somali sultanate the adal sultanate whose capital was Harar at that time.
    And nothing to do about Arab .

    And the he invaded abasynia because abasynia and adal the Somalian sultanate has long time conflict and he was fighting for islaam because of his religion and many oromo people corvettes Islam during Ahmed guray campaing.is very very shamefull calling Ahmed hurry and his aramy Arabs.you should apoligize over this lies.

  10. And you mentionned oromo colonised by Ahmed Gurey aramy.and he alliance with abazinia. You sound like some one that does not know anything about the history specially an about Ahmed Hurry. You even how to spell his real name.

    Ahmed Guray never colonized promo people and adal sultanate never alliance with habasha against oromo people.and the fact he liberated oromo against habsha.go bact to learn the history and send comment here. Ather wise you put shame on your self.

  11. How can i comment just in one highly immersed in hypocritical history of wish just psychological wish in imaginary line ::

    The world philosophy is divided in two

    1, Matter is primary consciousness is secondary

    2, Consciousness is primary matter secondary

    Both idea Exist in philosophy but these comment need self med one unknown world is imaginary world you can not touch you can not see and you can not comment

  12. Guleed,

    Please you better go to class to know how to analyse and interpret historical informations. You are very poor in history. You can ask Professor Mohammad Hassan, Abbas, Mekuria Bulcha etc or read if you have ever gone to school to read and write..

  13. qero,

    Due to the fact that there is no Oromo name called “qero”, you are either steeling Oromo identity or very back ward Oromo who have not yet know how to spell his name in Afaan Oromoo. If you are true Oromian, before shaming yourself on public forum like this one, you better first go to Afaan Oromoo school and learn how to spell your name.

    1. On comparing the atrocities, simple mind can not understand what I tried to put across. This is a matter of jurisprudence. You can not compare somebody who kills and somebody who wounds. You can not compare somebody who kills one and who kills society. You can not compare marder and genocide. You can not compare the death of million with the death of 30. What is wrong with you IQ? Are you such imbecile? Nothing can be compared to the atrocities committed by Ethipians on Oromians. The devil number one on this world for Oromians is Ethipian.

    2. As the resources of Oromia, i have never mentioned we have oil. I said Ivory, gold, coffee, spices and fertile land with abundant rain. If you have a little concept of economics,these are the most precious resources than oil.

    3. As forming an alliance with others, we are capable to solve our problems without any bodies help. We have everything and we can be whatever we want. It is only defective and lazy people who want to lean on others shoulder. We are proud and hard working people who need no body except each other.

    1. Hi Hawwinee,

      thanks; 1.Name can’t be translated it is what it is–test your English.

      2. Yes, Oromia has human resource but not like your bragging of other resources.

      3. Knowing our self is wonderful. We don’t produce even a needle. So we need alliance and collaboration,

      Enjoy the day,


      1. On the killing part, the death of one person is the death of many so comparison does not work.Had we able to protect the death of one person we would not have seen all these deaths.


        1. you call yourself qero

          You are not Oromo. You are one of tplf agent or neftegne who do not want any good things for Oromo people whether we have resources or not Oromia already feed you and kept you alive. You thankless your betraying is in your blood you said we don’t produce even a needle. Well go else where. Where you can produce a needle and leave oromia. You are completely enemy of Oromo people you are not Oromo. Keep it that for yourself.

          1. Hi,

            thanks, controlling your emotion is important, when the truth is told it is better to know more. About the needle it is true, the other we say we are defeated by Gun or By barrel. But did we do some thing about the problem, did we solve this problem no we just talk abut it without action so instead of talking to much we need to focus on working and bringing change to the society,

  14. Dear All, Hawwinee Barii is a sick ISIL sympathizer, I have no doubt about that. If future Oromia would be inhabited by such pervert psychotics like HB, I would opt to apply for asylum in Somalia!!. Look what type of poison this retad is spewinG. Almost every news item and report contains HB’s comments. May be the person is a jobless parasite that leaves of state benefit, The person has also low IQ, the entire item that the demented is scribbles is the same item that recycles from one news to the other. Hawwin Barii afaan nu irra qapphu, eenyu ille olola ISIL kee si irraa hin bitu.

  15. Yes there was a pain the past and there is pain now, but that should not divide us rather makes us strengthen those responsible will pay the price when the time comes. Above all those who are mascaraed in South Africa and Libya there are our brothers and sisters the pain the felt we felt. There were born in Oromia, even if they were born in somewhere else they still our brothers. We did not want mistake taken by other can be taken by others. This what we do not want to this our world. We EAST Africa should be smart enough to bring peace to that our land and to the whole Africans. The most important things we all should be focus is to remove tplf fascist , Nazi who genocide Oromo people and others and they didn’t stoped they paned dangerous plane to uproot Oromo people form their land and replace by their people. From only finfine city only they already up root 150,000 Oromo families and their land and house have been given and sold to their people and their lover. This is the one we all must focus on. My brothers and sister reframe yourself from some unnecessary things. Tplf must be removed by united people. Those who mascaraed our people should pay the price.

  16. ustanituma wan hin fakanerati wal hin dhabine wari Ahmad grany somale jatanis kan araba jatanis ,namni hedun dhumus tokko ajefamus lubu namatti sirridha gafa maatin dhumu usani gafa namni tokko san calchisani lallabunis waan birati walmormi yero walin hindemne hadhabatu dina waloo irratti ha qabsofnu.garuman yada jiratus waliin jirachun ni danda’ama. galatoma

  17. We should all take about our legendary Oromo students who confronted tplf fascist by there pen and pencil. They paid ultimate price by their life, for our land. They exposed tplf, fascist Banda dangerous plane to eliminate Oromo people from their own land. That day Oromo students made History that will never ever be forgotten. Our students are united they hold hand in hand to defeated tplf , Nazism the victory will be in their side.

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