6 thoughts on “Seife Nebelbal Radio and Simbirtuu, August 28, 2015

  1. I remember one of the Derg Oromo official who participated in the ‘red terror’ who fled to USA was handed over to TPLF after the red terror victims family/Neftegnas requested the American government. But, with regard to diaspora Oromos and the paralyzed Junedin, just singing and press release is enough!

  2. This is the work of some Gosa group who really do not feel any pain for their nation. Those ignorant group they do not know that there are alive today because of our heroes who gave their life from them. They never fought for Gosa and position they fought for whole Oromo people to free them from slavey. Shame on them when they price this ignorant who caused pain to millions of Oromo children. They will pay price when the time is right. We must leave this group of useless behind us and do the necessary jog really we need to this urgent time for Oromo people.

    Look at Amara people how they organised themselves and some of them went to Eretria to organise themselves to fight tplf. The idea of going to Eretria did not come as easy they worked hard to be their fried to get advantage and fight tplf. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Did you understand people even make friend their enemies to get what they want? In their case to get training for their army and get whatever material they need. Oromo people who are being evicted and facing fame simply didn’t doing anything to save their people. They just fight each other. What kind of people are they. One people if they do not know how to do things they should learn from the people, Instead of fighting each other.

    Amara is not being evicted like Oromo from their land and Amara land is not being given to tigre. It is Oromo land that is being transferred to tigre and Oromo people are facing fame. How any reasonable people can sleep when this happen?
    Have ever seen or heard any single tigre who said to tplf do not evicted Oromo people from their land and do not commit genocide on Oromo people by evicting them from their land. They are just supporting their fascist tpf naze group. They never thought what tomorrow will hold for their children. They are just enjoying someone’s land prosperity. That is how much tplf tire is very cruel people.
    Oromo people must organise yourself and unite with all those who respect Oromo people and who live in Oromo and fight back tplf do not wait until they destroy you and your land.

    In terms, of master plan All Oromo people must unite form south to North, from east to west must speak in one vice that really master plan is planned to genocide Oromo people and must be stopped by any mean if Oromo people want to survive.
    Those who support master plane enemy Oromo people, Tplf will go tomorrow sooner or later. For the benefit of all of us for tomorrow leaving together we must work hard together and fight tplf and free our country from Nazi fascist tpfl. Tplf do not care about Ethiopia or its people they only care for money. Today they are evicting Oromo people; tomorrow they will evict Amara people. So my people do not sleep unite and fight back tplf . Us you can see tplf have never been elected by people, they are controlling people by gun they refuse to value people voice. Until you fight back and do the same thing tplf will never learn they are ignorant fascist who enjoy in someone’s pain.

    To all journalists who ask questions about master plan you must confront those who support master plan. This is not hidden secrete plan. This is the plan, planned to eliminate Oromo people from the face of the earth. You must do your job appropriately. All of you have responsibility to confront on this the dark cloud coming to Oromo, sidama people and all others except tplf tigre. We must unite and fight together.

  3. This guy is not really seyfa nebalbal reporter nor has any value he is just sick person who spread hate Oromos don’t have time for made person like u.think twice befor you open ur mouth the Oromo intellectuals are not post their photos on the book to sell their books but they are spreading knowledge and love among Oromos at the every comer.

    1. Mr abdi farst think before spek twice sefie nebellbal radio he speak true oromo people love and listening program me be like you don’t like it because tach your interest or your business we now brother

  4. This Galtuu gay did not remorse for his action and now, may be he doing his homework to gain back his loyalty to TPLF by dividing Oromos across clan line. Those who did and do dirty job against Oromo nation will regret when the time comes . It is wiseness to think now than it became late. For those who did not reach national outlook, please grow up.

  5. Those hungry for their own business want to under main Seife Nebelbal Radio which is presented by Eyob. He was there he is there when ever Oromo people faced massacred by tplf fascist. Can you shut up you moth he is the one present the reliable new for Oromo people. He was interviewing our Qeero. We’re doing our bite he’s doing his bite.

    He is simply saying to you is contribute more.it is not enough just publishing your books and go home. We are known not in that position. We are facing evil tplf fascist Nero Nazi, gangster armed rubbery who are rubbing and destroying our country and leaving our people to fame. How those who faced fame by tplf fascist man made naturally disasters crated by tplf not made you angry. Man we are now in the period of the worst in the Oromo people history; there for we cannot afford to turn to each other unless you are tplf agents who want to destroy Oromo people. Do not miss with Seife Nebelbal Radio he’s fighting for Oromo people in whatever way he can. Yes we can we will destroy tplf soon.

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