3 thoughts on “Seife Nebelbal Radio and Simbirtuu, Oct 30, 2015

  1. Those who wish to eliminate Affan Oromo enemy of Oromo people, Neftegna and fascist tplf and their supporter, they will never succussed in eliminating Affan oromo and they will have place in oromoia. All others our brothers and sisters are supporting Affan oromo to be the national language in taht country. Those who just hop only Amhar language are losing ground. We are living in 21 century. Their out date idea. We will never accept that. Their ancestors never succeed to eliminate Affan oromo from the face of the earth and they will well never succeed in do so.

  2. NO ONE can eliminate Afan Oromo. Afan Oromo is here to stay for EVER. The enemy of the Oromos shall be wiped out from the face of this planet. The only need is the crazy diaspora must get united through cleansing the bandas and marionetts who works for the enemy. Those servants of the tplf/woyane.

  3. Some ‘scholars’ used to preach Africans should write their literature in English, French and Portuguese because their languages were unfit. someone I can’t recall here probably Ngugi wa Thiong’o responded like this: ” There is something wrong in saying to a human being, let me cut off your legs, and I will give you artificial ones which will be perfect. Leave me alone. I will walk with my two feet.” In the same way, the so called Ethiopianists have continued their propaganda against Afaan Oromoo. They are doomed to fail.

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