Office of the Spokesperson
For Immediate Release

April 24, 2016

The United States is disappointed by the continued failure of the Government of South Sudan and by the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement -SPLM/A-IO (IO) to form the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGNU) and implement the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan.

Yesterday, the government denied landing permission to flights for the return of opposition leader Riek Machar. This interference resulted in the failure to meet the deadline in the compromise proposal put forward by the regional and international partners of the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission that was agreed to by both sides. We have previously condemned obstruction by the IO, including the arbitrary demand by Riek Machar that more forces and heavy weapons than was previously agreed precede his arrival to Juba.

Despite the best efforts by South Sudan’s neighbors, the Troika, United Nations Mission in South Sudan, China, the African Union, the European Union and, most importantly, by South Sudanese advocating for peace, leaders on both sides have blocked progress.

The United States will continue to work with those who are sincerely committed to implementing the Agreement, particularly its provisions for reform of the security sector and public finances and for reconciliation and accountability.

The scope of future U.S. engagement in helping South Sudan confront the country’s security, economic and development challenges, however, will depend on the parties demonstrating commitment to work together to implement the Agreement. We have been working intensively with our partners, especially Ethiopia, to facilitate Riek Machar’s return. Given the actions by both sides to prevent or delay his return, it is now time for the parties to assume primary responsibility for facilitating the return of Riek Machar to Juba to form the TGNU and to demonstrate that they are genuinely committed to peace.


2 thoughts on “South Sudan: Failure of Government of South Sudan and Opposition to Form TGNU

  1. Both the South Sudan and Ethiopian governments are known to be war mongers . Both spend most of their resources on weapons and other military expenses while their people die from lack of simple basic necessities. They both are in a habit of war for the wrong reasons making their people go in exile at a higher rate than any other African country in the year 2015. Children in Ethiopia are engaged in child labor including in agriculture and in the worst forms of child labor, including in domestic work. If it is up to the children they might prefer to be adopted by European or American foster parents rather than returning to Ethiopia ,that is why South Sudanese civil society organizations should work to allow parents in USA or Europe adopt these children rather than handing them over to the brutal Ethiopian military which is known to kill it’s own child citizens on a daily basis . Ethiopia still lacks a compulsory education law which leaves children vulnerable to the worst forms of child labor. Social programs to combat child labor have not sufficiently targeted sectors with a high incidence of child labor in Ethiopia that is why Ethiopian children account for 25% of the total international adopted children of the world.

  2. I call on George Clooney to once again come to the rescue of S.Sudan if he really cares about them but now he is no where to be found. What a hypocrite, where is the democracy?. Poor people of S.Sudan were duped, they found out there is no treasure at the end of rainbow. No body cares about them or their interest and they have the bad luck of having habasha as neighbor. As long as they are letting Utopia to be part of the mediation they have no chance of reconciliation. The habasha dislike any one who has a good life. Just ask yourself why east Africa is unstable for centuries. I would not be surprised if The habasha start to claim South Sudan territories to get their hands on their resources.The evil plan has already started with that alleged attack from S. Sudan where they claim a hundred children where kidnapped to give them excuse to go inside s. sudan. I bet utopian army will stay there until these missing children have grandchildren of their own.

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