sudan(Relief Web) — Ethiopian militiamen are occupying more than 50 villages and a million acres of farmland in the eastern localities of El Gedaref state, says Mohamed El Mardi, chairman of the state’s Legislative Council.

He reported in a press statement on Thursday that the repeated attacks by Ethiopians have prompted a number of Sudanese farmers to abandon their lands and villages in the localities of El Fashaga, El Gureisha, and East El Galabat.

Families in these localities also lost a lot of money to Ethiopian militiamen who kidnap farmers in the area. A group of 20 Sudanese who were kidnapped near the border in El Gedaref state last week, were released after the payment of a ransom of SDG360,000 (nearly $59,000).

The MP said that Ethiopian military units have entered three Sudanese border districts which he did not specify.

El Gedaref and the southern Blue Nile state border the Ethiopian Amhara region.

Delayed demarcation

El Mardi demanded Khartoum to speed up the demarcation of the border between Sudan and Ethiopia, repeating the call of the Governor of El Gedaref state in August. Governor El Mirghani Saleh then called for redrawing the border, to end the recurrent land disputes permanently.

Both governments agreed more than once in the past to redraw the borders, drawn by the British and Italian colonisers in 1908. However, the talks were postponed over and over again. Moreover, Ethiopian opposition groups accuse Addis Ababa of ceding Ethiopian territory to Sudan.

In December 2013, the joint Sudanese-Ethiopian High Committee announced that it reached an agreement to end disputes between farmers from two sides of the border over the ownership of agricultural land, particularly in El Fashaga.

El Fashaga which covers an area of about 250 square kilometres, including 600.000 acres of fertile lands, irrigated by the Atbara, Seteit, and Baslam rivers flowing across the state.

13 thoughts on “Sudan-Ethiopia border urgently needs demarcation

  1. It seems that we are living vary interesting but really contradictory times. 🙂

    Northern Ethiopian farmers and villagers are saying that their traditional fertile farmlands have been and are being snatched and occupied by the Ethiopians. Contrariwise, the Sudanese is saying if they have ever said it, that their fertile father land have been snatched by the Ethiopians without having any right to the possessions what so ever. .

    So, here whom shall I believe because I know for sure that some one is lying to me through his teeth and toes thinking that I am a fool? Hah…?

  2. Correction: Please read, “occupied by the Sudanese”, instead of “occupied by the Ethiopians” (second paragraph, second line) Blessings to you all! 🙂

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if the extremists of Amara/Abyssinian militias are the ones who are occupying. Since Minilik times they think they have every right to claim and occupy every other nation in the region starting from red sea to the Indian Ocean. They cooperated with different European colonials and whenever they didn’t get immediate concessions of piece of land from powerful Europeans, they used tactics such as delaying of issues in order to make dispute with natives after colonial masters depart. The modus operandi was used against Somalis, Eritreans and Djibouti with some success. Also, I doubt Tigrains would have cooperated on the issue with Sudan unless there was some truth to it. Besides, the names of all these towns/ districts are Arabic without exception, the official language off Sudan. Amharas would have never accepted this to happen if they owned or occupied the territory earlier. It would have changed long ago by H/ Sellase era or Mengistu at minimum.

  4. It is a contentious issue but whatever we think we must not trust the Tigrean mafias of the TPLF. They are willing and will be very happy to sell the whole of Ethiopia to the highest bidder. TPLF hates the people in Ethiopia.

  5. The irony of all this obsession of claiming the fertile land of other nations is that it can never extinguish and eradicate the chronic poverty and famine that is associated with utopia. That is the curse from god for their greed. This fertile Sudan farm lands will become infertile once it is taken over by habasha, shame Bob Geldof can’t take away the curse and he will never retire from band aid.

  6. Blieve me or not, this is the work of ” Arbegnoch G 7 ” which is suffering from an archaic mentality of expansionism. I know this area of Gedarif and Kessala as in my pocket. Amhara Shiftas penetrating into Sudanese territory and raiding is not something new, it is Amharas traditional way of living.

    And surprisingly, as Whitestar in his above comment indicated, wherever they go, they destroy all trees and contaminate rivers. We have seen the evidences in fertile Oromia, Benishangul, Gambella and South Region where these settlers live. Usually, Oromos and others have pity for living things such as trees, rivers and wild animals. But, wherever these northern peoples go, first they occupy it, then they begin to destroy it indiscraminately like the locusts to claim about drought and hunger.

  7. @whitestar and Oromian bateleur

    hum you guys you are still alive …. I thought mother nature has taken its course and faced you out ,,, at least that was the rumor …

    anyway keep at the good work and keep on insulting mother Oromia and Ethiopia ..

    Just FYI Ethiopia is indivisible and no land is going to be given out to the Mahdists it has never been and it will never be … locusts like will be hunted down …wait .. your time will not be far …

    we are marching to our right place and we will restore our royal kingdom of the Solomonic descent and root you out all .. currently we are in agreement with the elders of Solamli and oromo and other Ethiopian tribes so that the royalties can marry other tribes to make the dynasty more representative of Ethiopian tribes . We did not take this decision lightly but it has to be done

  8. @The Truth

    You are not worthy of your name, you are just like your ancestors a pathological liar. I’m not surprised at your twisted sense of reality because you have been fed lies all your life but let me break the truth to you, there is no such thing as utopia in this world, it is all a big lie just like father Christmas and tooth ferries are imagery so is utopia, it all exist in your mind only. grow up child.

  9. ” The Truth ” aka Falsehood

    The Ethiopia for which you are dreaming has gone since 1991 and will never come back. Can you see your nape ? That is impossible, so is Ethiopia with Amhara Neftegnas domination. Crying the corcodile tears in day light will not help you, just try to swallow the reality and adjust yourself to the existing situation than wasting your time by dreaming of the Solomonic Kingdom of Jewish. What you must understand is that, even the Jewish themselves are not living in the time of their King Solomon. Take care of your popping like the linseeds in the pan, otherwise, you will be shoved into inferno with your hand made spatula.

    You said, you will hunt us down. Then you will be the hunted hunter. Please don’t spoil the atmospher by passing to much wind. I am in Italy, come I will invite you to Latte Machiato the herbal medicine for you.

  10. Amara land was given to sudan by TPLF. The brave Amera militia take the matter on their hand evacuated the theater. I didn’t see the so called oromo cry when the Sudanese killed 11 young Ethiopian (Amera) man, why now cray when we returned the favor to the Sudanese? Pathetic galla hula!

  11. Whit& oro….

    Accept the reality Ethiopian people are united and the geopolitics of the Arabs will never work.. you were expecting the ARBAS specially UAE and Soudi to create havoc in ethiopia through lunatics like you … well i have got news for you ethiopians work in all mysterious wys as god is with them why do you think ethiopia is a country mentioned both in the bible and kuran … because it is indivisible ,,,, DEATH TO ALL ANRI ETHIOPIANS .. if you are brave enough go and fight besides your masters sudan or uae or soudi we care less we know some of your ancestors have sold their sole to kill their own brother ,, read your f**#****n history

  12. Amara man

    First of all, if you are the true Amhara from Gojjam and Gondar, you are really the Amhara man, but if you are the offspring of Amhara Neftegna ( settler ) you the faked Amara man who want to bully the Southeners. If really the Begemider land has been given to the Sudanese, the Gonderes have their full right to defend it. But, if the Gondere simply invade the Sudanese fertile land and occupay, it will be a very big question.

    BTW, the case is not so as some handful confused chauvinists are claiming. I personally know this area of dispute. I have lived and worked in Dembiya, Debark, Waliya and Azezo town which is a few kms from Gonder. The highway starting from Gonder run through Metama, Gallabat, from there to Kashim El Girba in Sudan, and the highway divided there, one to left goes to Khartoum, the one to right turn up to north and run to Kessala and to Port Sudan.

    And this area east of this Sudan highway and west of Amhara town Gedabet and Metama which is usually located in Sudanese territory, and is blessed by rivers such as Nahr Satit, Bahr Aslam, Nahr Atbara, Nahr Rahad is the farm belt of Sudan. Surprisingly, even the well organized Amhara militias have once tried to enter the well known Sudanese Dinder National Park to raid. But, they were beaten back by Park guards living behind their deads, while some of them were arrested.

    So, people, we are living in 21th century, being confused and confusing the international community is the day dream of retarded chauvinists. In today’s modern and technologically advanced world, one cannot hide the truth in his/her blocked mind.

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