By Falmataa Sabaa (PhD)*


We often hear loud voice of unity, democracy and freedom even from Habesha colonial forces of Ethiopian empire regimes. The regimes’ media (the state TV, radio and news papers) had been largely seemingly dedicated to unity of peoples in Ethiopia. In fact, the unity habesha regime/elites pop for had always contained venom in it. The last Amhara based regime led by Colonel Mengistu was one of such example. His monopoly media was at its height crying about unity, democracy and freedom accusing the Tigrai People Liberation Force (TPLF) as separatist, anti-development and bridge breakers. His government referred to OLF not by name but in the nutshell of others fearing if the name of OLF is raised in its media will be unproductive propaganda.

Nonetheless, Col. Mengistu’s regime was highly dedicated to divide and humiliate Oromo people in an anticipation of ally of Oromo with the OLF. Col. Mengistu seems not comparatively effectively worked against TPLF as he did against the one his government refers only in a nutshell. Col. Mengistu’s regime severity classification of the then rebels seems to do with one ground. His regime was found by habesha (Amhara) whose kinship is to TPLF who is also habesha rebel front but not to the OLF (not habesha front).  Accordingly, Col. Mengistu opted to lose power to TPLF than to the front he considered serious and true enemy, the OLF.

The current incumbent TPLF led regime also continued Col. Mengistu’s legacy on the ground to continue with policy of the habesha regime. Therefore TPLF is utmost targeting Oromo and subject nations and nationalities of south. TPLF is dedicated to divide and weaken armed rebels of subject nations and non-violent parties registered to operate under its constitution. TPLF cope with expectation of Col. Mengistu’s regime to inherit and run habesha policy on the subject peoples of the south Ethiopian empire. TPLF seem to overlook its label as bridge breaker, anti-development and agenda of separation of Tigrai from Ethiopian empire.  Hence, we are noticing the pseudo-unity crying of TPLF as its habesha predecessor regime of Col. Mengistu and beyond.

Currently, TPLF is not the only one for the pseudo-unity cry but also other factions of inheritance from Col. Mengistu’s regime. The Ethio prefixed habesha political parties named this and that of democracy, unity and freedom seem to help extend the habesha regime’s policy on Ethiopian empire. Obviously, Tigre and Amhara based habesha parties on government power or at rebel levels are effectively working to keep the vicious circle of colonial operation on the subject peoples of the south. Their primary classical duties are to divide and weaken the rebel fronts of subject people against colonial forces. In doing so, they have created Gebenas for emperor Menelek, balabat for emperor Haileselasie’s regime, forerunner individuals for the Col. Mengistu’s regime and OPDO to work for TPLF led colonial regime. The current habesha factions presuming struggle against TPLF regime are effectively working to further create OPDO of Amhara.

The policy of habesha (Tigre and Amhara) regime’s/force’s have always worked not only against Oromo but also against southern independent seeking colonial subjects such as Sidama and Somali people. They have had constantly checked the struggle movement of free rebel forces of subject people and unchecked it in some way. For instance, the current match of PG7 with ODF seem to ground my concern. Previously, PG7 misled one Oromo general militant to form new Oromo rebel faction, tried to use him but eventually dropped alliance with his faction. The aim of the then PG7 seem to weaken the OLF by agitating the members of OLF, such as the generals initially defected from TPLF led regime.

Recently, in the news is formation of movement among PG7 and parties who claim to be on behalf of subjugated people. I learn that the constant habesha policy of check and uncheck the subject people now extends its scope to Sidama and Somali peoples and beyond. The fact of PG7 ally with less known factions of Sidama and Ogadenian instead of the famous SNLF and ONLF reflects such truth. It is no doubt that the divisive tactic of habesha elites is always aimed to weaken the dedicated fronts of the subject people who refuse to serve the interest of habesha.

I am afraid of to discuss Oromo Democratic Front in line with parties or individuals serving the interest of colonial power. Most of ODF leaders and members were out of their native home for the sole purpose of liberating Oromo and Oromia from habesha colonial rule. Nevertheless, the current establishment of movement announced by alliance of ODF with habesha based parties is sad news to hear. Needles to ask that if the members of ODF are shortfall of their initial just strategy for the Oromo cause. Many individual members of ODF, however, have had their good fingerprints on Oromo just struggle.

I have always loved and defended some rumors against one Oromo hero drop out of the OLF. He was rather renown as political icon and founder of the struggle against tyranny. Apart from his key role to re-draw Oromia on a global map, I have always remembered him for he was saying Oromo camp must be strengthen. The ‘former’ Oromo hero is currently accompanied by other ‘mislead’ heroes of very founders of Oromo liberation force to join the once refuted habesha camp. Regardless of the unlikely benefits for the Oromo cause, seeing the once Oromo hero at the middle of habesha breaks my heart because I have never thought habesha mythology catches even the ingenious Oromos.

Nevertheless, it is high time for the heroes in the domain for liberation of the subjugated people per se to ask what type of unity we really need. Obviously we only need unity on the basis of equality and for freedom of all peoples from subjugation. Unmaking and re-making of the Ethiopian empire is plausible scenario if we really wanna break the vicious circle of habesha regime on our shoulder. We reject the cry for pseudo-unity regularly sponsored by habesha elites/parties designed to keep their successive regimes. Truth is inevitable, trickery politics wouldn’t be viable! Habesha elites must learn from their past wrongs and undo their pop up for pseudo-unity aimed to deceive peoples of Ethiopian empire and peace loving international community.

Thank you

19 thoughts on “The Pseudo-Unity Promoters of Habesha based Colonial Forces’ Trickery Politics

  1. Dear Falmataa:

    I agree with your concern about “democratization” of Ethiopia without oromos arming themselves to their teeth and leading every single stage of that process.

    That is why I am strictly opposed to unarmed oromo groups working with armed non-oromo groups only to sell the interest of the oromo nation! For example, If ODF is allowed to grow its maximum life span and role is predicted to be that of OPDO! remember these are the same people who encamped a national army for the enemy and ran away from it!

    On the other hand, if oromos are in charge of the army and every step of political decision making there should be considerable advantage for everyone remaining in the union.

    However, it would be wishful thinking if some oromos think someone will offer them their oromia on silver plate without fighting for it.

    I do not support Independence of oromia as long as Oromos are in charge of fully autonomous Oromia and all critical government institutions in the country, proportional to their population.

    This is my opinion, which may or may not be shared by oromo masses which should be known after referendum.

    According to the information on WiKi, your assertion that Mengistu is Amhara is invalid. Who massacred the entire Amhara ruling class including the Emperor (who was partly oromo)?

    Yes, he was brutal, not only against Oromo but against anyone who opposed communism. However, our people would prefer another 100 years of Mengistu rule rather than barbarism of Tigrean bandits who are committing systematic genocide against our people as we write.

    That is why we need a unity of purpose with everyone, even with the SATAN possible, to get rid of wayane, now!

    Unlike the diaspora, our people have no luxury of choosing allies at this time, but would use any opportunity to fight the enemy. Thanks.

  2. September 2015 on Esat breaking news four Ethiopian forces formed united with G7 which is Tigray,, afar, & amhara party
    October 2016 another four party join G7,ODF, Afar, Sidama .this make total number of 6 or 7.
    what happen to the previous group?

  3. The new name of the alliance is “Ethiopia National Movement”. Do ODF people believe that Ethiopia is one nation? We thought “one country, one nation, one language, one religion” description of Ethiopia was buried for good.

  4. Well articulate my fellow vigilant and patriotic son of Oromia. You have absolutely nailed the issue at hand. This alliance is going to be like Paris commune that lasted only for three months because any thing built on lies will not see any light.

  5. The enemy of democracy ,freedom and justice is not only TPLF.Also the g7 Led by TPLF mayor Birhanu Nega and Leenco Lata feudalists the odf is anti freedom and democracy in horn of Africa
    Naftegna fascism like TPLF is the begotten child of this groups.
    old and the Oromo peoples ready to burry them in same grave with TPLF.
    Long live Oromia,sidama and others struggling for freedom.

  6. Don’t waste your time! When others started to commit crime, you will focus on that.

    Now the single criminal force is TPLF! Focus and act on this.

  7. Falma saba

    Instead of wasting your time by writing this endless narration to point finger to others, why don’t you waste your time on bringing all oromo fuctions together to strength the oromos ? I wonder why the so called oromo elites bent on to accuse others, while they couldn’t strength their own struggle ? Look oromos are divided on the lines of regions, religions and clans. One cannot deny that most oromos chose religion than their oromoness, especially the muslim oromos.

  8. G7 (Brehanu Nega) yoo Wayyaaneedhaaf hojii gurguddaa dalagee ammas dalagaa jira. Wayyaaneen yoo badhaasa guddaa isa hin badhaasin arguuf jirtu? Dhaabota mormituu hedduu diigeera. Ammas itti jira.
    2005 Qinijjit ijaarra jedhee Dhaabota hedduu diige. 2006 hanga 2008 ABO hanga isaaf danda’ame diiguu kessatti qooda guddaa taphate. 2012 Warra ABO irraa fottoqee bahe “Jijjiirama” diige. 2015 Mormituu Tigirootaa (Mollaa Asgadoomfaa) diige. 2016 Leencoo Lataa fi Diimaa Noggoo Alaabaa ABO jalaa harkisee baasee Alaabaa Toophiyaa jala dhaabee Oromoon akka isaan tufu godhe.. ………………………Biraanuun amma illee itti fufa.
    Gosh !

  9. @serawit,i think you are unable to judge distances or to learn from the ongoing Oromo struggle and strength that is shaking the empire like earthquake.
    More than takka we do it by action and out come is shaking the empire is not something Habasha elites or foreign interventions can cool it down but it’s a well organised and unified action of all Oromia and by self reliant and unity.
    Thus,buying individual or writing essays never help the old naftegna gave birth to Tigray TPLF.fascsm.

  10. I disagree with the notion that it wouldn’t last. As long as ODF is the weakest and also Afar and Sidama democ, as well, AG-7 continue to exploit them for propaganda purpose and to get into these nations land and set up rebels. Now the AG-7 are confined/ limited to only Northern part of the country; which is very risky to push the struggle forward.

    But, I have a question for the deadly walking OLF and some of its up charismatic and cowardice officials: TEGNNAA SUUNI HAFTEE MARREE METTAA YAA WARRA ABAA GARREE! Yesewuni sitamasili, yerasua arerebat!

  11. Serawit,

    Such is a venom of yours we hate and Flmataa stated in this note. Who are you to talk as concerned for Oromo and yet list us priority of loving religion before our inborn identity? I can change my religion if need be but not my Oromoness (don’t be confused with citizenship). Oromo don’t care about habesha. We are working to enable retract of hands some Oromo elites stretch to useless and never learning habesha. The need to protract is to consolidate our effort and kick habesha out of our native land. By the way, do you know habesha (both Tigre and Amhara) are summed to only about 13% of the Ethiopian empire? Yet we need to care when we deal with habesha because they are deadly fighting (they think, if they go back they lick stone and die or fight us and die). That is the only reason we need to consolidate our effort and comfortably hand pick them to drop them somewhere they need or allow them to leave in Oromia as guards. .

  12. G7 is armed while the ODF isn’t otherwise why would G7 choose ODF over OLF?

    ODF is another OPDO, the Oromo people need to unite as one people.

    Ps I have also noticed Oromos, Somalis and Afars are all divded amongst clans and always fight amongst themselves maybe their uneducated because Amhara are united people so are Tigray people.

    If the Afars were strong Eritrea would never have taken Afar land, if Somalis were strong they wouldn’t made Ogaden independence and Somalia would’ve been peace and if Oromos were smart they would’venever let a 6% Tigray rule 45% Oromos.

    I thing Oromos, Afars and Somalis are stupid and brainless people.

  13. Mormor & Defender,

    it is not something new that both the Amharas and Oromos are suffering from the extremists of both sides. Amharas have some die-hard extremists who do not want to hear the word Oromo and freedom except their own unity. Also Oromos have some die-hard extremists such as you who are allergic to the names Ethiopia, Unity and Habesha. All these extremists from Amharas and Oromos are not only the enemys of Amharas and Oromos, but in general they are the speahead enemy of all Ethiopian society. If they do not practice tolerance from now, they will be our another Woyane in future.

    Ethiopian unity ? Yes

    Ethiopian flag ? Yes

    Habesha superiority and extremism ? No

    Oromian State ? Yes

    Oromian flag ? Yes

    Oromo inferiority and extremism ? No

    Equality and freedom based on the true federalism will prevail Ethiopia !

  14. Also I would like to add, say tplf goes to war with the opposition and steps down after hundreds of thousands of lives are lost and the country is 20 years back, now what? Who is the prepared and better government to take over the country and fix all that damage that was done and bring us as one of thr top countries in east africa again? Is there such one government ready now?

    I dont see a point telling a government to step down in the middle of their term or trying to bring them down by war when there is noone better ready to take over. Our country is going to be divided more and there will be more civil wars to rule. Its going to be 10 times worst than what happened in somalia when they overthrough the government and had noone ready to take over. A huge mess that they still couldn’t recover from. This is just my opinion. Let me know what you think.

  15. The continued move of G7 would eventually creat difficulties for Habasha organisations not only disabling them to operate in oromia,sidama,banishangul -gumuz and Gambela states also it would lead to evict any sympathizer with G7 from the above regions,because we cannot wait till the snakes grow to periods it begins to breed more and more,.

  16. Serawit,
    In the latter comment, it seem that you are detoxifying your venom in previous venom. The latter approach sounds well. I don’t mind of your insult targeting person or your run away of truth attributing absolute truth to extremism etc words of distortion. That habit is in habesha and no one rescue you guys because it is as blood cancer to you.

    There is proverb that habesha whisper to themselves. Komatan komata kalalut, … [According to Min of H of Eth, the disease is also native to habesha especially Amhara region]. You, see, Oromo issue (rights) must be handled by Oromos first. It needs no stirring by others. Then harmonize interest on benefit with others. Otherwise, gust can’t re-arrange somebody’t furniture except to sit and be hosted. The inferiority issue goes with habesha. Currently, habesha is desperately leaving even in Diaspora. Oromo feels neither superior nor inferiority.

  17. KASSU, the Woyane mouthpiece is trying to sow poison between Amharas and Oromos.

    Woyane agents are desprately trying to divide the peoples to prolong their life on power. But by gone has gone and Woyane agents are at the bay.

    Our peoples at home are in argent need of one another to weaken and crush the man-eating Woyane. You cannot understand the hell in which our peoples are at home, than spraying your hatred of Habeshas. Brother, wake up from sleeping to follow the masses revolution at home. Believe me, today if you go home and talk with our young generations what you are talking now, they will chase away like a rabid dog. You will never get a place amongst our society.

    Peoples tokkuma will prevail over haters !

  18. Serawit,
    It is not that hard for any politically layman to understand what TPLF is doing on subjugated people of Oromo and other southern nations. Regaining freedom is costly and hence we are paying the cost by giving our life to liberate our sons/daughters. But I am saying Oromo can’t struggle to change master (from Amhara master to Tigre master and back to Amhara). Both must be put down. Relative to the never learning Amhara, it is good that we see Tigre on power. TPLF, at least understand that Oromo is there as nation. For Amharas, leave alone telling/teaching them but drenching them of the Oromo truth can’t cure them from their leprosy politics against Oromo.

    So it is better to cure them first before a call for cooperation in struggle against TPLF. We are curious to seeing the pendulum of Amhara where it hits to just hand pick TPLF to cleanse Oromia.


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