12122800_10153686845554483_7272090839171122196_n 12109216_10153686845559483_3167884506525406468_n(Oromia Press) — The public meeting convened by Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) in Finfinne Sunday, October 18, to discuss the so-called Addis Ababa and Oromia Special Zone Integrated Development Master Plan has ended adopting a 9-point resolution expected to be announced by OFC in an official press release. Sources say the meeting concluded that the Master Plan is a land grab policy disguised as a development plan and called on Ethiopian authorities to halt it, and on the public to continue rejecting it.
Walgayiin ummataa Kongreseii Federaalawaa Oromootiin Finfinneetti har’a (Dilbata, 18/10/15) geggeeffamee ture ejjennoo qabxii 9 qabu irratti waliigaleetee uummachuun xumurameera. Ejjennoon qabxii 9 qabu sun ibsa KFOn baasuun ummatatti beeksifama. Walgayichi maqaa Maastar Pilaan jedhuun karoorri mootummaan Itoophiyaa Finfinnee fi Godiina Addaa Oromiyaa keessatti hojiirra oolchuuf qophaawaa jiru karoora saamicha lafaa akka ta’e hubachiisee hatattamaan akka dhaabu gaafateera. Ummatis mormii isaa akka itti fufu dhaamsa dabarseera.  
Hirmaattonnis haamilee nama onnachiisuun abdii walkeessatti horaa oolaniiru. Yaadolee ka’an keessaa:

  1. Oromoo fi Oromiyaan rakkoo keessa jiru, jechuun mirgi Oromoo Oromiyaa irratti qabu kabajamaa hin jiru.
  2. Lafti Oromoo saamamaa jira
  3. Ajjeefamuu fi hidhamuun akkasumas dararamuun, lafa ofiirraa buqqaafamuun Oromoo yaaddoo Oromoo maraa tahuun ifa.mirga uummatasaa waan gaafateef Barnootarraa ari’amuu barataa Oromoo, doorsifamuu, reebamuu,hidhamuu, dararamuun fi kkf.

Hojii manaan Hirmaattonni walii kennani maali?

  1. Mirga Oromoof yeroo kamuu caalaa walta’uun falmachuu
  2. Saamamuu ykn koloneeffatamuu lafa Oromoo (land grabbing) walta’uun dura dhaabbachuu
  3. siyaasaan, amantiin, gandaan, bifaan, haala kamiinuu keessumaa siyaasaan otoo adda wal hin basin, OROMUMMAAN, wal qabachuun olaantummaa Oromoon eenyummaasaa fi qabeenyasaarratti qabu fiixa baasuu fi kkf.

Bakka jirutti Oromoon Oromummaasaaf maal gochaa jira? mee gaaffiilee armaan gadii ofuma haagaafannu.

  1. Qabsoo Oromoo keessatti maalan gumaache?
  2. Ammaan kana karaa dandahamu maraan Eenyummaa, qabeenya, mirga, kabaja,Oromoo badinsa(balaa) irraa eegaan jiraa?
  3. waan Oromummaa fuulduratti tarkaanfachiisu irratti xiyyeeffachaan jiraa moo waa’ee abaluu odeessuuttin gad taa’ee jira? hamii nama biraamoo ani maalan hojjedha jechaa jirra?
  4. Kan Oromoo fakkaatee walitti nubuusuuf yaalurratti dafnee dammaqna moo waliin dibbee rukkutna?
  5. Karaa Oromummaa cimsu maraan wal ijaaraa jirra moo oduu qofaan ykn otoo Oromoon hidhamaa, reebamaa, dararamaa, du’aa, hojii fi barnootarraa ari’amaa jiruu “nuyi jaqna” ofiin jenna?
  6. Guyyaa wal arginee sirbuu fi ragaduu akkasumas diina Oromoo abaaruu qofa moo mana mana keenyatti waan Oromoon keessaa jiru nu yaaddeessaa? yoo kan yaaddonu tahe furmaata akka dhuunfaatti barbaadaa jirraa ? waliin hoo?


23 thoughts on “(Updated) The public meeting convened by Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) in Finfinne Sunday, October 18, 2015

  1. Haayyee OFC jabaadhaa. uummata keessa jirtan illee jajjabeessaa,waan qaban yoo darbatan sodataa hin ta’an jedha oromoon Ejjenaa uummata irraa isin fageessu irraa of fageessaa. OROMIAN Ethiopia keessatti inni jedhu sun Oromoof fudhatama kan hin qabne ta’uu hubachuun qabsoo keessa karaa danddeessaniin itti fufaa.
    Oromian kan uummata Oromooti.

  2. One thing the Oromo should understand is that,Tigres are always getting smarter. To minimize and avoid public upraising, protests and the sacrifices that comes as a result, they could divert the plan to be implemented in step by step, little by little by pushing the farmers far at one area, and then at another area, and then at another. The most important thing the Oromos should understand is that, tomorrow is my turn to be displaced, so be unit and fight!

  3. tolcha you are dead wrong why oppose development …. the Addis Ababa master plan is meanto give back what Wyane made a mistake initially when they give a chunk of land that belong to all ethiopians to Oromo frankly speaking the Oromos purely on ethnicity bases ( I do not totally agree with this this is just for the sake of argument …) confinded to from fedise and Alemaya from east south Bale and half of arusi may be a little from Jimma not the capital city … and then along a narrow strip of land to wellega (where you have may be majority Oromo and then to the north below Nazerit …. note that along the coridor of the railway most of the land belongs to Afar and Esa including Dire dawa …. so what are u crying about on something that does not belong to you …if we take historical belongingness you should be confined to North Kenya … so stop crying and thank the native ethiopians to give chance to settle in ethiopia

    1. believe me you die before you see what you say. It is impossible as the GOD will. Nobody can do that. Wait you will lose what you loot. The building you errect on our farmers land will be confiscated as your Naftenya landlord’s property during Emperor era. The fate of Habasha looters will be the same as Feudal lords.

  4. K October,

    About what chance are you talking about since you know nothing about the equality of any chance except neftenya chance that keeps arguing by saying, “what belongs to us is ours as well as what belongs to you is also ours.

    Here also you are barking and braying by saying that all the chances which you have to yourself are only your chances as well as all the chances that belong to the Oromos are also your own chances. What else can you do other than following the fascist ideology of your tyrannical ex-leaders most whom were thrown out through the front door but still barking and hauling to come back through the back door. These disgusting tyrannical politics have been going on since your ancestors crossed the RED SEA from Yemen and descended on the African side of the fertile horn grabbing lads and resources from the great indigenous egalitarian oromos whom you are still insulting and challenging for the purpose of keeping your traditional banditry and highway robberies.

    If you don’t stop farting all over the places on the egalitarian Oromo faces and through that seeking what belongs to others then the right time might come when you might be shipped back to your medieval Yemeni villages. Any way what is that so called Amhara region when in fact there are many ethnic and cultural groups whose rights and identities must come out and respected as autonomous people.

  5. Bla bla … Yada yada yada…. aren’t you fed up of this. Talk real history and reality. Ethnicity will have no role in Ethiopia going forward. We are done with that.

  6. The need to re-examine the so called peaceful struggle against the fascist minority TPLF junta and bullies:

    • Peaceful struggle if waged in a persistent and relentless way with the participation of the masses can yield results.
    • However, the TPLF fascists have used OFC and other such parties to prolong their rule over the masses.
    o TPLF and its cohorts with OPDO traitors have ensured that the Oromo people are disarmed to ensure that they cannot even personally defend themselves
    o They have knowingly given leaders of OFC and other such parties the opportunity and safe haven to speak up their mind every five years during elections on mass media including television
     They have organized fake debates to show the world how democratic the elections are
    o However, they have used these debates and the campaigns as opportunities to detect their opponents only to eliminate them once the ballots are dumped into rivers and dumpsters
    o Throughout all these elections the TPLF has not touched most of the leaders of these parties including OFC with the exception of some of them
    o They are using OFC as an alternative to the yet not effective enough OLF in the name of which they are killing, torturing, and displacing our people
    • In effect, OFC has been used as a strategic tool by TPLF to control and pacify the unified resistance of our people and at the same time as a means to identify those who are still trying to put up resistance at home.
    • Waging a peaceful struggle worthy of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King would at least involve the following:
    o Massive persistent and relentless struggle against the oppressor by any means possible including the following
     Not supporting the economy of the oppressors, economy that is used to kill, maim and torture the people.
    • Boycotting to buy from the companies owned by TPLF thugs
    • Not paying taxes
    • Stopping the transfer of materials and goods to the thugs
    o Boycott listening to their propaganda machines and providing means to inform the mass about the truth
    o Organize the masses and inform the mass about the struggle and enhance their readiness to sacrifice for their God given human rights
    o Conducting relentless and persistent mass demonstrations
    o Organize labor strikes
    o Form strategic alliance wherever possible to promote the goal of freedom and justice
    o To my understanding, peaceful does not mean that you give up and die when somebody stands on you and kills you. But should also involve self-defence. Hence those who claim to lead our people should also work on civil self defence projects, be it covert (underground) or overt
     The Oromo people have not invaded Tigray or anybody’s land, they are being killed on their homeland. Hence their right to defend themselves should not be considered as not peaceful
     Those who promote giving ones right chick when they hit you on your left chick are only preparing us to be refugees on our own homeland. This is unacceptable and immoral leadership of the struggle of a people who have been killed, imprisoned, maimed and tortured by these fascists and their cohorts for the last quarter of a century
    • What we expected from OFC and others after the latest election was not surrender without any resistance. If peaceful struggle is taken as a surrender and waking up during every five year election, they better leave the stage and give way to the new generation or the Oromo people to resolve it.
    • Our people have been tied by OPDO traitors and by so called ineffective peaceful struggle from inside, and by those who claim to be organized in the name of the Oromo people to liberate them from outside.
    • The time has come to re-examine the definition of peaceful struggle to make it more effective or if not, give way to a persistent and relentless struggle of the Oromo people to defend themselves and save their ancestral land from being totally run over by the Tigray fascists and neftegnas before we all become refugees in our homeland.
    • Only those who stand up and defend their right by any means possible survive while those who give up and beg for their rights will vanish.
    • The Oromo people should choose the first: to rise up and stand for their rights, defend themselves from any encroachment and injustice by any means possible including the means the oppressors use; that is force and armed struggle.
    • OFC and all others that think that TPLF would give up its power and the implementation of the master killer because of few press releases are naïve. This will never happen unless Oromos rise up and show who they are as a gallant and heroic nation as their forefathers were.


    Your hidden FAT anti oromo neftenya divisive propaganda will have no effects On the Oromo nation to stand in unity and promoting their common and joint interest of orommumma. Change you fake faackin nick name in to FREEDOM_NEFTENYA. 🙂

    1. Akka Bakka: I am 100% sure you know who the hell this human being named “Freedom Oromo” person is if I tell you his name. The guy is fake and can not be trusted. The funny thing was Freedom Oromo was kicked out from Ethiopian Muslim activist job after he failed to organizing and leading the Amharic speaking Ethiopian Muslims protest against their cousins the TPLF Habash regime. This time He is calling for Oromos to ” rise up” while he’s living his good life in U.S and posting BS after BS on his FB page and posting his comments on this site. Why Freedom Oromo is not going back home and organizing the people and leading the “Rise Up” if he really concern about Oromo famers and land grab? Freedom Oromo never practicing what he preaches. Freedom Oromo was telling Ethiopian Muslim in U.S in Amharic the same thing he was telling Oromos here in his comment above on this web site.

    2. Akka Bakka,

      I doubt that you are an Oromo or you have Oromo’s interest at heart. If you are an Oromo and you meant what you wrote, I am certain that you will understand the message that is being conveyed here if not now; sometime in the future as you see things unfold.

      If you are not an Oromo and an agent of TPLF thugs, that is your job: to keep the status quo as it is, and keep muzzling the voice of our people, stifle their potential to rise up and get rid of you as an insurmountable flood.

      Whichever way it is, Oromo will rise up one day and will have its historic place not only in that cursed empire, but also in East Africa and in Africa at large

  8. K October,

    You disgusting fake monkey and cheap chameleon. Are you not the one who was advocating that Oromos must vacate their land and go back to Kenya. But when you are told that you must first cross the Red Sea and go back to your medieval rat caves in Yemen before the Oromos go back to Kenya then you turn around 365 degrees and come back to tell us that ethnicity will have no role in Ethiopia. What a retard swimming in the stinky mud!

    The fact is that NO amount of dialogue with treacherous and deceitful people like you may lead to anywhere unless all of these divided and pathologically induced to endless bickering shameful Oromos getting together and building their Oromumma in order to get equality and justice for all and themselves.

    I am the Muslim oromo. I am the greatest! Baaaa’aa…aa.. I am the Christian Oromo. I am the great! Baaaaa’aa…aa..I am the Waqqeffata Oromo. I am the greatest! Baaaaa’aa…aa..! I am the other Oromo. I am the greatest! Baaaaa’aaa…aaa..! Uh..uh..:) Boring deep to the bones!

    No wonder that even a one eyed limp neftenya conspires to grab them one by one and try to make them double slaves in to the coming centuries while lots of Oromos are only barking day and night practically for nothing. Uh…

  9. Don’t worry. When the Oromo peaceful movement effort comes to an impasse due to Woyane’s gun violence, the peace makers, they too would not have another option as taking arms and going to bush and engage in the Oromo National Liberation War. You don’t need to be a prophet to predict the what Habeshas shall do, once you know their brutal tradition of war and destruction.

    On the debate who came from where, here is my point;
    Primitive Habesha Debteras used to write fictive history to fulfill their Oromoland colonization aspiration. Some times they say ‘Gallas came from Madgascar, other time from Honolulu, or emerged from a big river, etc. Etc.’

    Their claims do not hold water, nor have any trace of evidence.

    On the contrary, there are several evidences that Abyssinians (or Habeshas in Arabic) came somewhere from the Arabic peninsula around Yemen or from South Egypt. We don’t know, why these Arabs kicked them out;
    May be they didn’t like their parasitic tradition of living on other people’s labor and sweat. Habesha is too allergic to Work and live a life like rational humans.

    The name is too arabic.
    ‘Amara’ is a personal pronoun in many different Arab countries. Moreover, Amara is also the name of a city located in the southeastern part of Iraq.

    Additionally, Queen Saaba that Habeshas say was theirs, is equally claimed by the Yemenis that She was their Empress. Any way with the name « Queen Sheba or Saaba » Habashas and Yemeni Arabs are united without their consent (in their common prehistory).

    Another evidence of Habesha’s immigration from Yemen or South Egypt is the similarity of their culture and languages. Habesha language accent is closely related to that of Arabic.

    Here you find the similarities of Amharic and Arabic vocabularies.


    I – Ana= Inee
    You – Inti=Antee
    Us – Ihna=Igna
    You – Intum=Inantee
    soap – Sabuunaat=Samuna
    Candle – šam3a (pl.)=Shamaa
    Fork- šooka (pl.)=Shuka
    House-buyuut, beit (pl)=Beett
    shirt – qamiis= Kemis
    hat – Borneita=Barneta
    To wear – Libis= Libis melibes
    To breath – Tnaffas=Tinfash
    Tea – šaay= Shay
    Beer – Biira=Bira
    Orange- Burtu’aan, Burqaal=Birtukan
    Banana – Mooz=Muz
    Tomato- Timaatim=Timatim
    Lemon – laymuun, Lamuun= Lemon
    Oil – Zeit=Zeyt
    Head – Raas=Ras
    Eye – Ein= Ayin
    Life- Hayawaat=Hiyiwot
    Tongue – Lisaan=Lisan/Milas
    Hand – Iid=Ijji
    Father – Abba, Abbahaat=Abbat
    Mother – Ummahaat= Inat
    Time – Az-zamaan= Zemen/Gize
    Minute – Daqiiqa, Di’ii’a=Dekika
    Sea – Bahr, Bihaar= Bahir
    Lightning – Barq, Buruuq=Mebrek
    Sky – Samawaat=Samay

    1. BB is is 360 degree not 365 … anyway I do not give a care if you say this or that bottom line is we all will live together either killing each other worst case scenario or in peace the choice is ours … my gut feeling tells me that people like BB will die and we all live in peace .. if you do not want to die then agree with me to live in peace and do away with ethnicity politics … I am an oromo but have fallen in love with Tigree maried and have children from here now she want me to marry an Amhara to get another 5 or 7 children also I am thinking to get Oromo Gurage and Wolita Eritrea and others that I can grap and get 7 children from each so my friend at the end those children will eat you alive if you mention ethnicity as for them their ethnicity is ETHIOPIA >…… now I am busy f**ing around my beautiful Ethiopians it is very tiring … if you want to join me I can be contacted in South at the moment and I am with my oromo and gurage wives …

  10. K October,

    You ignorant bum. All humans will die one by one whether the great BB or the wicked K October.

    Now the question is NOT whether you are married to a tigre, amara, oromo, american, Wurage, somali, arab, chinese,etc. is NOT the question here. That part is your own personal affairs with which you do not need to bombard us.

    The question is that you must accept Oromo rights on Oromo territories and resources so that the egalitarian Oromos are fully empowered to manage their own affairs with out your parasitic meddling to exploit Oromo resources and grow your fat belly even fatter to the extreme. Meaning doing harm to Oromos as well as to yourselves at the same time.

    Otherwise all ethnic groups and clans can live together in peace and harmony since we are there where we are. But if you are playing your traditional hide and seek small soul robber baron small fox tricks just to insult, fool and steal Oromo resources I tell you that your sinful soul is for holy hungry dogs. 🙂

    Sealed and signed by BB!

    1. BB

      Point taken. The problem is you are craying on non extent made up story. I am saying individual right is what matters here not group rights. Do not take me wrong. I did not say group rights is irrelevant. What I am saying is respect individual rights first and the group rights will branch out and flourish like spring flower. Historically it has been proven again and again people snake like u use group rights to promote your interest or be a stooge for others to destroy mama Ethiopia. So Mr snake BB hour time is up because it is not I am sayin but the reality is confirming that. Now. Let me enjoy bahri dar with my beautiful amara. Before Yesterday I was in harar. It is beautiful. Freedom for individuals garners a peaceful coexistence of groups. Stop sh*********t talking and bury ethnic politics.


    I did not say that I am in favor of keeping the statusquo. So stop putting words in to my mouth and then shooting at it because such arguments only lead to the dead end.

    On the other hand, it is even better to have that statusquo kept in place rather than being reversed in favor of the salivating and foaming traditional and modern Neftenyas hovering all over the places.

    It is also better to have that statusquo in place rather than succumbing deep to the dirty drain and being engulfed by anarchy, barbaric lawlessness, mass murders and mass internal and external displacements, where killings, shootings, raping, enslavement, etc. inhumanities and brutalities become the routine order of every single day. Such scenarios must be condemned and fought against by all sensible people at all places and all times. We have it enough in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and to some extent Nigeria, Somalia, etc.

    Change? YES WE NEED MANAGED CHANGE that aims in bringing about equality and justice for all. In this effort, all Oromos (ruling and & opposition) need to come together directly and ior indirectly , think together, plan together, increase mutual support, mutual awareness, mutual understanding, etc. and then slowly but surely push in one single direction to have incremental changes forwards Oromo goals for equality and justice for all. VIOLA!

    By Akka Bakka, Akka Bakka
    Gungumaa Akka Bakakka
    Gulufaa Akka Gafarsaa
    Janna Akka Qerransaa
    Yoo ari’ee kan fiige Qabuu
    Yoo sossobee kan dafee dabsuu! 🙂

  12. Oromo people stand up where ever you may be to stop master plan planned to destroy Oromo people. Master plan planned to change Oromo city country name and the street name to rename by their language what this tell to transfer Oromo land to their people and to make their own country to destroy Oromo people. As Melilek did tplf is planned to destroy Oromo people more than Melileke did. It is important to Oromo people to stop this aggression of tplf premeditated genocide of Oromo people. We must stand up all together to defend our land from fascist tplf we must not be fooled by their agents and will never accept one single name change of our land our street and our country city and whatever. We must keep our land in our language. This is their tactics, their tactics and their foolish idea will be defeated soon. This parasite tplf will never change our country name and our street we will be victorious we came this far we must not stop until we defeat this Nero fascist tplf.

  13. Unless we don’t stand for our country’s Oromia , who is for us ? So, as a person we have acontribution to its freedom. Becouse, there is every thing after freedom. Thanks !!!!!

  14. cwsa, unless you are sawa graduate or night school graduate , you do n,t need unique knowledge to percieve the prospect of implementing the master plan.the master plan will separate you from eregninet once and for all.

    1. @setan senayt! You will never successes in your conspiracy to destroy Oromo people. Your Nazi ancestors failed miserably you will fall in the same way. This will be the last century to your out dated idea. You and your supporters used to refuse to answer Eritrean question. Look! What has happened they are now independent country however you burn your eye they are relieved from you and free society. Now you are doing your conspiracy on the Oromo people question. Whether you wanted or not and no matter how long it takes Oromo people will be free from you. You will never be the owner of Oromo land . The current generation is too smart from your out dated idea. They are now sharing the new idea with the children of the world smart civilised. The Oromo land belong to the Oromo people. You will burn yourself once for all as your ancestors fascist.

  15. Don’t also forget the fact that the same old amhara neftenya conspiratorial cult far right fascist societies based in the basements of the churches are behind this planned robbery. Remember that Menelik is not really dead for them but only for you, the fools, prone to be divisive tools.

    Tplf is only a tool just like the removal of the Oromia regional administrative center from Addis Ababa to Adama before the 2005 parliamentary election intended to grab the capital city and then from that the whole country. That is why Oromos must keep their both eyes open but not only one single eye focused on the frightened tplf alone. Also this opposition must be based on Oromumma being totally supported by all Oromos (ruling & opposition) and their friends sympathetic to the just Oromo cause. Strong domestic activism and networking tasks must be elevated and dynamic with out any recriminations and habitual cheap bickering leading to useless dead ends.

  16. Senayt,

    You monkey spy thieve, what is wrong with being eregna because that is a globally appreciated animal husbandry job for feeding humanities and communities from classical times to the present. It is much more better than producing human body and environment contaminating dirty primitive factories where the people who lost their lands may be forced to work as slaves and die early from the inhuman tragedies emanating from inhuman policies imposed from the outside. These farmers need teachings and coaching in modern farming and diversified agricultural activities so that we may feed not only Oromia but also the whole of Ethiopia and the middle east. Let all those fat cats in the ministry agriculture get out of their ivory tower and walk among the farmers to teach them about moder methods of planning and producing more instead of conspiring to robe the farmers even from their meager subsistence activities.

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