By Leelloo Sabaa

britsBecause of life time decision that the British people had to make and the fall out of that decision around Europe, for Europeans in general and British people in particular, the last several months were rather very difficult. The campaign temperature for “leave” European Union (Brexit) led by personalities like the leader of UK independence Party Nigel Farage, former London mayor Boris Johnson and his ally Michael Gove from the Conservative Party led by Prime Minister Cameroon in one hand and the campaign for “remain” in European Union led by the British Prime Minister Cameroon himself went so high and even led to the assassination of remain campaigner and British law maker Jo Cox. Emotion did run high, insult were hurled and accusation and counter accusations were rampant. While the Brexit or pro “leave” campaigners argued the exit from European Union is to take back control, sovereignty, pride, and independence of British from European Union, the “remain” campaigners argued that British is better off in European Union. The pro “remain “ campaigners argued that tackling economic problems, fighting terrorism and tacking immigration problems would be easy when British is in European Union. The pro “leave” campaigners, chanted, “Bring back British sovereignty and independence!” They even argued that United Kingdom is shackled to the corps of European Union. While these campaigns were running, majority of British: pundits, political analysts, medial personalities and those who conduct opinion poll were forecasting the win for remain campaigners.

When the decision day came on June 23, 2016, British people flocked to the polling station and voters’ turnout was estimated to be over 70 percent. Several hours after British people exercised their right to national self determination to shape their future destiny , the result started trickling in and when the final result was announced, the ‘leave” campaigners carried the day with 51.9% of the vote while the “remain “campaigners led by the Prime Minister himself garnered 48.1% of the vote. The majority of British people decided to divorce from European Union after over 40 years. Excited by the winning of his side, Nigel Farage declared June 23, 2016 to be remembered as British Independence Day. While the mood is that of celebration and pride for the “leave” side, the mood is that of sadness, confusion and unclear future for “remain” side.

Amid all these, as an individual, Prime Minister Cameroon was the first causality. Due to the fact that majority of British people chose different path than the path he campaigned for, he cannot be the captain of the ship that can take British people to their destination. As a Prime Minister, he cannot be trusted to lead the implementation of the decision of British people against which he campaigned. Therefore, the win by “leave” campaign immediately resulted in the resignation of Prime Minister Cameroon. The consequences of the outcome of UK’s referendum is not only limited to this. Scotland led by Nicola Sturgeon and Sinn Fein of the Northern Iceland renewed their call for referendum for these two regions of United Kingdom.

Because of the long standing policy of European countries to keeping Oromia and other colonized countries in Ethiopian empire under Ethiopian unity, this big political event in Europe is a great development for Oromoo and other colonized people of the Ethiopian Empire.  This development re-energized Oromians resolve to see this day for Oromia. While their people are allowed to freely exercise their right to self-determination and freely decide their future destiny, it is puzzling and an outright double standards to follow policies that deny Oromians and colonized people of Ethiopian empire the full right to self-determination from Ethiopia. While allowing the Scottish people the right to decide whether to stay in UK or be independent, denying Oromians this right or supporting Ethiopian colonial rule that suppress this right is unjust and selfish. The decision by the British people to leave European Union is the decision for sovereignty and independence. The decision by the British people to leave European Union is born out of this people’s desire to have full control over their affairs and destiny. Like the British people, it is for this aspiration and desire that Oromians have been fighting and dying.  While British people are free to exercise their national right and decide freely their destiny, Oromian are killed and driven to prison in their own country in millions.  In the heart of Europe, in British, while people are allowed to freely decide on their political destiny, to suppress and destroy this right, Sabriinaa Abdallaa was killed by Ethiopian colonial brutal force. For Europe in general and British in particular, Oromians deserve that same right British people were given to decide on their destiny. The right in Europe should be the right for everybody around the world. Since the right the British people used to decide on their destiny is considered a crime in Ethiopia, Europe and British government should stop supplying instrument of violence to Ethiopia but push for the same right to be respected in Ethiopian empire for Oromains and other nations.

This political decision by the British people is a big political event for the Oromo Liberation Front too. Citing the European Union and globalization, the enemy attempted to discredit the Oromian Independence struggle championed by the OLF. From the  referendum that was held by Scotish people in the UK and from the decision made  by British people on June 23, 2016 to exit  Europe, one can confidently and certainly conclude that even today, in the era of the so called “globalization”, the right to self-determination, including independence, has remained the universal political right that should be respected internationally and if denied, therefore, the people who have been denied such right have every right to use every means available to reclaim it.   This is why, Oromain independence struggle, championed by the Oromoo Liberation front, is always valid and justified.  In order to accomplish this national mission put on its shoulder, the Oromo Liberation Front deserve our unreserved and full support and assistance. Oromian independence is inevitable and insight than ever before. Let us all join our hands together, to shorten that day, the day when we are going to see Oromian independence flag flying high in all corners of Oromia and the cloud of :death, imprisonment, displacement, poverty, disease and mourning are removed forever and Oromians usher in life of :freedom, peace, prosperity and happiness . The day when Oromians exercise their full right to self-determination by choosing either Orexit (Oromia exit) from Ethiopian Empire or “remain” in Ethiopian empire is fast approaching, let us be among those who are at the fore front to make that day a reality. As British people celebrated by deciding to reclaim their independence and sovereignty by exiting European Union, the day Oromians celebrate their exit from Ethiopia is surely on the horizon. Let stretch our hands and get hold of it.

Oromia shall be free !

Leelloo Sabaa, 24/06/2016

3 thoughts on “The success of Brexit (British exit) campaign has made the dream of Oromia exit (Orexit) from Ethiopian Empire more valid and justified: Objective championed by the OLF

  1. you are in africa so there is no such a thing as peaceful separation from utopia so have some balls and fight for it.

  2. The main objective of Europeannion is to stay in world as super powers together ratherthan singly master of the world.their classical mastership is threathend by globall emerging world powers.The Americans, the Chines ;Indians, Russians,Brazilians will find the interantional arena more easyer if European union is fractured. in one way or another UK lost respection and economically may face danger for the being time.The probablity of Germany and France forming acommon country ( state) is high because to stay competetive at international arena European big power should emerge.
    what implication it has concerning Oromo,well our fake visioners and real visioners shoul d re asses themesleves and work day and night to actualize the Oromo national cause.for us it is right to claim our right but it is not as easy as for uk ,intensfying our struggle more than before as fertile condition at home and world permits.

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