(Mereja) — TPLF leaders are pleading Finish government which is believed to have cultivated good relation with Eritrean government to help in Resolving the border standoff between Ethiopia and Eritrea

TPLF has told the Finish officials that it is willing to implement the EEBC verdict to letter and spirit, as long as Eritrea completely stops supporting multitude of Ethiopian rebels stationed in its territory and also agrees to have third party observers to assure that Eritrea cut ties with those armed Ethiopian forced currently stationed along the borders between the two countries. TPLF leaders are also asking an immediate normalization of relations once Eritrea stopped supporting Ethiopian rebels.

So far the Finish hasn’t been successful convincing Eritrea as Eritrean president is adamant that the border issue should be implemented without any preconditions and he emphasized that Eritrea’s support to Ethiopian rebels envisions beyond the border impasse and Eritrea will continue to support Ethiopian forces which will bring lasting solution to Ethiopia’s complicated challenges.

President Isaiyas Afework (PIA) is open about his opinion that the minority government in Ethiopia is incapable of resolving Ethiopia’s myriad problems and it is also incapable living in peace with its neighbors. He emphasizes TPLF’s foreign policy is reflection of its turmoil at home. PIA is advising Europeans to stop abating and assisting a minority government which has been a source of the problems that are now starting to surface and use their leverage to convince the minority government that the status quo can not continue and encourage it to form an all inclusive transitional government immediately before we see total disintegration of the 100 million nation which will be a disaster not only for Ethiopia but for the entire region.

Insiders believe that Eritrea has managed to wither the no-peace no-war side effects and willing to sit on it and see TPLF spread thin by lethal uprising in all parts of Ethiopia. So, Eritrea will continue to increase its support to Ethiopian rebels and put TPLF in quagmire and it will never be able extricate itself out. Many Insiders say that PIA is convinced that TPLF will be liquidated. In his words “Chifra Weyane Ket-haqiqe ya” – or in Amharic (Weyanie Mamuta Teqeralech) .

Despite Eritrea’s rhetoric if TPLF leaves occupied Eritrean territories, it is willing to talk “everything under the sun”, in reality it would like total eradication of TPLF from Horn of Africa political landscape.

Insiders close to Eritrean policy makers say Eritrea believes TPLF days are numbered and involving in any type of negotiation with dying TPLF regime will only prolog its stay in power. And, eritrea is determined to increase its support of Ethiopian forces in leaps and bounds!  Via Moses Gada

1 thought on “TPLF asking Finland and other European countries to help in Resolving Ethio-Eritrea Border Standoff

  1. The TPLF thinks that it could mislead the World openion again and again.Whereby it prepares for invassion of Eritrea to annex the Asab port and other territories to build greater Tigray Republic.
    Also,the so called returnees from Afghanistan and Algeda men armed to teath are in Ethiopia to help tplf capture asab and ti install them in Asmara whereby they will use the red sea for terror operations against Yemen,Saudi Arabia and Egypt.
    From what we know about so called eritrean opposition allied with TPLF, its obvious that islamists are lock of Nationalism,terms of dignity and humanity and they could strike any deal to destroy freedom of own country and humanity to achieve their goals of hates and genocides ideology like that of TPLF
    The Oromo protests are within Oromia and the Oromo liberation FROnt army is within Oromia as well as sidam liberation front,belishangul,ogaden and gambel .So,there are PAFD armies or peoples Alliances armies of the fronts mentioned by name.
    We hope the observers will be stationed in both borders of the countries to the the facts by themselves and to punish TPLF /Tigray government in Ethiopia for arming and financing terrorism lke algaaeda and issil. of various nationalities from arab and West African countries including Kenya nationals Ugadans and many from French speaking countries.

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