The following 9 Oromo political Prisoners are released from Qilinxoo prison after seven years imprisonment.

1. Baqqalaa Nagarii, 10 years without parole, Businessman in Addis Ababa,
2. Isheetuu Kitil, 10 years without parole, Businessman and owner of the Hawi Hotel (Finfinne),
3. Kabbadaa Booranaa, 10 years without parole, Senior Manager of Hilton Hotel, Addis Ababa,
4. Waabee Hajii, 10 years without parole, Lawyer with the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia,
5. Abarraash Yaadataa, 10 years without parole,
6. Roobaa Gaddafaa, 10 years without parole, Statistician and employee of Hibret Insurance
7. Baayisaa Huseen, 10 years without parole, High School student, Ambo,
8. Olaanii Jabeesaa, 10 years without parole,
9. Haayiluu Dalasaa, 10 years without parole, 3rd year Law student at Haromaya University.
They were sentenced to serve 10 years imprisonment due to their political views and identity. Mesfin Abebe Abdisa is still serving a life prison sentence. It was notable that Tasfahun Camadaa Gurmessaa was murdered in prison while serving life sentence in 2014.
*According information received now, Dajene Dhaabaa is still in Zuway prison for unknown reason.

14 thoughts on “TPLF imprisons educated and successful Oromo businessmen

  1. Among the Oromo nationalists serving life imprisonment in Woyyane’s jail are Jaatanii,Liiban and Milkii who were arrested by the enemy with the help of lukkee Ibrahim Dambi from Moyale.

  2. Let us rejoice the liberty of the freed and demand the liberty of those still in jail. Change is possible through acknowledging the positive while correcting the negative.

    We better aim for unity within diversity so that our own people like Ibrahim Dambi may not turn against his own people while his own people may not also drive him mad and insecure. I mean mutual respect and mutual understanding even while competing.

    Ulfaadhaa hundumtuu! 🙂

    1. “We better aim for unity within diversity so that our own people like Ibrahim Dambi may not turn against his own people while his own people…) [ Shuumate Badhaaso]

      Getting mad at each other is normal in nations facing national crisis like the Oromo nation. Even then, there is a red line taboo. Traitors are not tolerated. There is no unity with traitors either. Traitors are not human beings with conscience. They are the worst enemy of any nation.

    2. Shuumatee Badhaasoo kan jaalatu Bassoo,

      Diini guddaan isa fagoo dhufee nu ajjaaessaa jiru osoo hin taane isa diina fagoo dhufetti karaa fi hunda badheetti yaase agarsiisee iccita Oomoo dabarsee keennee Oromoo akka qoraanii guggubsiisaa jirudha. Kanaaf, araarri ergamtoota diinaa waliin taú gonkuma hin jiru. Hanga lubbuu galaafataniif galaffachiisan gumaan bahutti!!

  3. The price we paid as a society is quite enormous. There are a number of Oromo who are abducted and incarcerated by the murderous Tigre mafia even for longer than 20 years.Tthe whereabouts of some of these Oromo is unknown.We should not also forget the thousands who were massacred by the brutal regime. The so called US president and friend of dictators , Barack Obama, is going to visit a “democratic” country that he has envisioned for Africans. What a travesty of justice and freedom.

  4. Regardless of the difficulties being faced Oromos should KNOW what is proper and appropriate to talk in public and what is proper and appropriate to talk in private.

    Talking inappropriately in public and in the open will only make matters worse and strengthen Oromo oppressors by portraying them as the appropriately talking people in the eyes of the bystanders. This in turn may mean as , Oromia First, by other means. 🙂


    Shuumate Badhaaso

  5. Oromo is happy his true sons are freed. Woyanes action is calculated one since Obama will travel to the Empire recently and one of the detainee is the senior management of American Hotel.

    1. Yes Wayanes’ action is calculated because successful political actions needs to be calculative. If Wayanes behave in a calculated manners and succeed through that then what prevents the Oromos from behaving in a unified and calculated manners in order to succeed.?

      Being too much divided, fighting separately, dying and being jailed separately is far from being calculative political behavior.

  6. First, let me congratulate these freed gallant Oromians and their family. For they suffered because of us Oromians, I want to express how proud am about them. Let them remember that their suffering was for a noble cause of liberating Oromians and because of their suffering, thousands of Oromians got enlightened and decided to follow you foot step. These gallants must be proud of themselves because they suffered for a just, God given and inalienable right of Oromians. They must be proud because they suffered in the hands of the agents of devil executing the purpose for which our Waaqayyoo created them. Finally, I feel sorry for Oromians who do not have any thing to suffer for than their belly. These gallant suffered and brutalized because they realized the purpose for which they were born. We survived because of these group of Oromians and we will thrive because of them too.

  7. A relatively free airbreath is better than highly contaminated jail room.outside it is contaminated, inside it is conatminated.until we are strongly hard to defend our selves from the humilation of enemy we are not secured to breath free air.conguratulating them and their families to welcome again.
    shuumate Bedhaso,it seems that you make noises in mid of Abyssianian arrogant ignorants.may be you are one of them or their dog that lols out in euphoria of election robbery.

  8. Why did woyanes/TPLF release those prisoners at this time of our history? Could it be in preparation to President Obama’s visit to the cursed country and deceive him and other officials as usual?

    What will woyanes/TPLF tell President Obama if he raises questions about prisoners? My guess is this: Well, Mr. President, all political prisoners were released a couple of weeks ago. The remaining are Oromo or other terrorists and/or collaborators of terrorists and/or enemies of our great economic, social and political progress.

    Is there any credible opposition party that can intervene and tell President Obama and/or the international community or the media that is not the case/truth? I really doubt it. Woyanes/TPLF were demonizing all opposition parties by telling the whole world that the opposition is weak, divided, fragmented and without any vision for the country and the people. We all know that they wholly or partly succeeded in doing so, right?

    As this allegation is partly/wholly true, guess who President Obama will go for? For woyanes/TPLF, of course. Firstly, they have been serving U.S. interest in the region very well for the last 25 years. Secondly, President Obama will go simply by an old adage, “The devil you know is always better the devil that you don’t know”.

    Who will benefit from the upcoming visitation? USA and woyanes/TPLF, of course. The Ethiopian people are the sole losers as before. Sad, but true.

    That’s all I say guys. If I am wrong, I stand to be corrected.

  9. Mr. mario ,I expect such events to happen.If Obama is great president of America he may find the middle ground for all parties involved in the election.secondly he may/ will endorse the fake absolute majority robbery thirdly decline to visit Ethiopia as planned directly fly to his homeland. the two options are indications of his greatness as the firts black American president.The third option indicates how the Americans are careless about the cry and tear of weaks. let work on the common grounds to crash Mafia gangs that crossed the limit.As your itlian name indicates you know how those orderless mafioses destroyed the image of itlians,va van culo,kkkk

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