FB: Eritrean Press — 05 July 2016 – Intelligent sources have reported that the separatist Tigray Liberation Front, the Ethiopian ruling party, dispatched a large-scale military to Djibouti, near the Eritrean port of Assab (Aseb).

The United States, which is informed of the soldiers movement, has chosen to ignore the latest TPLF activities in the North West of the Tadjourah district of Djibouti.

Ten days ago, the Tigray Liberation Front (TPLF) had made an effort to penetrate the Bure front near Assab and pushed back by Eritrean force after an hour of fighting near the two countries borders.

Three days before the Bure skirmish, TPLF had attempted to invade Eritrea in the central Tsorona front where it suffered a heavy defeat with over 200 of its soldiers killed and 300 wounded.

The TPLF uses of a third country to create a new war front has been informally approved by France, who has a military agreement with the former colony Djibouti, according to the intelligent source.

Texit Gears Up to Take on the Eritreans

05 July 2016 – The separatist Tigray Liberation Front as the name suggests to EXIT from the oldest and proud, independent African country, the Texit Dedebit leaders amazingly called on the help of the 103 million Ethiopians they want to ditch from, to defeat their “old Eritrean mentors”.

Reports from Ethiopia say the Tigray Liberation Front, who were installed by Eritreans to govern Ethiopia in 1991, are massing troops in the northern part of the country near the Eritrean border.

Eritrea with the population of 3.7 million has responded by dispatching convoys of tanks with heavily-armed troops to its borders,

Recently, a U.S. diplomat said that the separatist Tigray Liberation Front would seek U.S. satellite imagery on Eritrea as it did in the 1998-2000 ‘border war’.

Three weeks ago, the unpopular Tigray Liberation Front suffered a massive defeat at the hands of Eritrean troops at the Tsorona front on the border between the two countries when the Dedebits opened a full-scale war to invade the ‘tiny’ nation.

TPLF is in hurry to accomplish the map of Tigray of 1976


If the low IQ Tigray liberators have the balls (we doubt it), why don’t they face off the Eritreans in their own instead of dragging the innocent Ethiopians into it

Ethiopia threatens ‘response’ to clashes with Eritrea


(The World Weekly) — Ethiopia will ‘respond’ to every action by Eritrea to destabilise it, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn told Parliament on Tuesday. The Ethiopian premier defended his country’s conduct and blamed Eritrea for last month’s border skirmish.

“What we did was to retaliate and silence [Eritrea],” Mr. Desalegn told Parliament. “We will respond to every action it takes to destabilise Ethiopia. We will intensify this policy of ours… If that shaky government wants to talk to us, our doors are open.” The Ethiopian leader claims Eritrea instigated the confrontation to distract attention away from the UN report on the country’s human rights record. The report is damning of conditions in Eritrea and raises allegations of slavery by conscription, while Eritrean authorities claim the report is “baseless”.

The border between Ethiopia and Eritrea was left ill-defined by the War of Independence (1961-1991) and as such laid the groundwork for a new conflict. A new war broke out in 1998, as Eritrea laid claim to the town of Badme, and soon met Ethiopian resistance, the fighting continued until 2000. But the border dispute has yet to be resolved.

Ethiopian academic Seyoum Y Tesfay argues in the Conversation that the two countries are unlikely to go to war. He suggests neither country has an appetite for a conflict on the scale of the last war.

The Ethiopian army is mobilising in the north of the country near the Eritrean border, according to witness statements reported by Tesfa News.

Eritrea: Motions passed by the Dutch Parliament

July 5, 2016

Martin Plaut
Votes were held in the Dutch Parliament today following last week’s debate on Eritrea.

Below are unofficial summaries of the resolutions adopted.


English summary of motions adopted and proposers

Azmani and Sjoerdsma

Given the evidence that the Eritrean embassy has an important role in the collection of taxes that benefits the Eritrean regime and since there are indications that the embassy plays a role in threatening and intimidating Eritreans in the Netherlands who do not submit 2% of their income as tax, request the government to summon the Eritrean ambassador to halt the taxation and the malpractices surround it. If this fails to halt the abuses, to close the embassy.

Azmani and Knops

Since 50% of Eritrean refugees living in the Netherlands are dependent on government support, and being of the opinion that we should not finance the Eritrean regime through their 2% tax , requests the government to come up with proposals to end the payment of Dutch taxes to foreign powers.

Sjoerdsma, Azmani

Since the Eritrean regime is one of the most repressive in the world and Eritreans flee oppression and not lack of socioeconomic development, requests the government not to agree to the spending of 200 million Euros in Eritrea, but for the reception of Eritrean refugees in the region.

Sjoerdsma, Azmani

Requests the government to put Al-Shabaab on the national and European list of terrorist organisations


Since crimes against humanity take place in Eritrea and the information from the UN Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea is shocking, and that no progress on human rights has been made, is of the opinion that it now falls to the UN Security Council to take appropriate measures to halt crimes against humanity in Eritrea, requests the government to call on the UN to refer the report of the UN Commission of Inquiry to the UN Security Council, with the aim of to taking measures to combat crimes against humanity in Eritrea.


Since Eritrean refugees in the Netherlands should be protected from the Eritrean regime and its supporters, requests the government to at least extend the screening of COA-volunteers and people that are allowed into COA via other organisations with the necessary research capability to screen out candidates who are active in organisations that are related to the Eritrean regime, such as for example the YPFDJ Holland.


Observing that the Eritrean embassy in The Hague is being connected to practices of intimidation and extortion, requests the government to launch an investigation into the involvement of the Eritrean embassy in The Hague in criminal activities.

Knops, Azmani

Since the dictatorial regime in Eritrea is guilty of crimes against humanity according to a UN investigation and also supports terrorist organization like Al-Shabaab, and since the diaspora tax finances this regime and possible support to this terrorist organization, seeing as the collecting of diaspora tax by Eritrea in the Netherlands is combined with extortion and intimidation, requests the government to investigate the possibility of outlawing the diaspora tax of Eritrea in the Netherlands and to ask advice on this from the adviser on international law, requests the government in addition to call, within the context of the EU, for measures against the long arm of Eritrea, among others to halt the diaspora tax.


Requests the government to provide data on the representatives of the Eritrean regime in the Netherlands and to update the parliament about this as soon as possible.


Requests the government to take initiative to start an investigation, in the context of the EU context, as to the nature and scope of the diaspora tax of the Eritrean regime.

Karabulut, Smaling

Requests the government to call on the responsible European Commissioner to freeze the contribution to Eritrea and to make it available instead to UNHCR and/or other NGOs.

2 thoughts on “TPLF sends troops to Djibouti

  1. TPLF exports human resources to refugees as jobless escalates over time. Defection from tplf is a best strategy or fight back TPLF.

  2. No defection just for going to live as hopeless refugees or die on the high seas.

    One must fight in his own country, familiar territory and own land for own rights whether facing death or evrlasting peace. Calling for defection is only a matter of lying to ownself. Any enemy needs to be confronted from the inside as well as friends also supported from the inside. Say NO to the so called wholesale diffection which may only leave your country empty and for a grab by the various cunning enemies bent on land grabbings. 🙂

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