tumsaDecember 30, 2015

  1. We recognize and affirm that the current movement in Oromiyaa is a popular uprising.
  2. The Oromo people are waging a just and legitimate struggle for liberation and freedom.
  3. The TPLF regime is a force of aggression and its military serves as an occupation army, hence has to leave Oromiyaa immediately.
  4. The TPLF is evil by its nature, barbaric by its actions and a fascist regime by all accounts determined to exterminate the Oromo nation in order to expropriate Oromiyaa.
  5. The ethnic cleansing committed by the expansionist TPLF regime of Ethiopia against the Oromo people in its attempt to establish and sustain Greater Tigray is intentional and carried out by design with the full knowledge of the consequences, is genocide in the making.
  6. Any transaction in Oromiyaa for the last 24 years under the TPLF regime without the consent of the Oromo people is illegal, and therefore remains null and void.
  7. The Oromo people reserve the right to reclaim their lost property since the occupation of Oromiyaa by the Ethiopian regime.
  8. The parties, regional or international involved in the dispossession of the Oromo people under the guise of investment or urban development shall be held accountable for the damage in property and the loss of lives associated with it.
  9. No entity except the people and their representatives can claim the leadership of this popular movement.
  10. No entity can represent, speak for or negotiate on behalf of the people except themselves and their representatives. Any such negotiation by any entity without the consent of the people is null and void.
  11. The Oromo question is not about a specific or isolated plan. It is about Wayyaanee force leaving Oromiyaa in its entirety without delay. Anything less than that is nonnegotiable, and hence unacceptable.
  12. We reaffirm our commitment and determination to stand by our people in their entire endeavor with any means necessary.
  13. We appreciate the momentous coordinated and concerted action demonstrated by all sectors of our society: Students, artists, farmers etc. allover Oromiyaa spearheaded by our adorable youth, Qeerroo.
  14. We salute the determination and unflinching commitment our people are displaying despite the attempt of the fascist regime to overpower them with its futile war machinery and mercenaries.
  15. Considering the historic nature and the intent of the TPLF regime with its military complex and security apparatus, we understand that the resistance of our people has to be revamped, strengthened and progressively upgraded. The networking of the efforts and consolidation of the Centralized National Leadership is the decisive factor and remains of paramount importance.
  16. We call upon our compatriots in the diaspora to follow the example set by our people, join the movement in unison in the shortest possible time, discharge our National Duties and become part of this historical event.
  17. We commend all the forces that have joined the popular movement, call upon the rest including those associated with the enemy to redeem themselves by joining the National Camp before it is too late. Our victory is inevitable.

Oromiyaa Shall Be Free!

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