2 thoughts on “TVOMT: The Historical Alliance – The Founding Of PADF (OLF, ONLF, SNLF, GPLM, BlPLM)

  1. The formation of the this alliance is absolutely tha right beginning. We stand together and take
    the governance of the country into our own hands. I hope this will be supported by so many from our respective peoples. As has been said in the declaration we have to get rid of the undemocratic vioilent governance once and for all. It is high time we focus on the only viable future where power is transfered peacefuilly

    We build a strong alliance of all the peoples concerned and give the necessary leadership for a better future. As has been said in the declaration all peoples of the region are welcome. Now we can ask those in power the hard question of how long they will continue to rule with sheer brute violence without any legitimate consent from the people. We present a viable alternative to the present antenable situation.

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