3 thoughts on “TVOMT:#Oromo Protest Gaafiif Deebii J/Lataa Gadaa WBO

  1. Dear Oromos

    ALL Oromos are OLF in reference to Oromo history but not because of Lenco, or Galassa and others leadership as pure Oreomos. This should be clear for TPLF and OPDO (Garbage groups)


  2. If at all there is victory, the coward OLF in Eritrea won’t get the position it was looking. All credits to Qerros and OFCOs and other home grown and those who are dying now. This is the message to the lame OLF…come and die with us or go to hell! Qerros and OFCOs!

  3. Tolcha
    No time for your divide and rule. I do not think how many Oromo people think the way you think. Time is for unity. Everybody contributes; the sum is what matters. I neither oppose you nor agree with you to cut short a long history. But I ask you not to spend your time trying to divide the Oromo people. That is an old fashion. Nobody will listen to you. I am telling you from the bottom of my heart, brother do not waste your time.

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