29 thoughts on “U S Policy: Ethiopia A failing State Case of the Oromo

  1. I don’t know what the US policy says, but I am sure the Obama administration seems like an advocate for the TPLF regime from recent Obama’s visit and the Wendy and Susan’s comments before the visit. However, the analysis of the research says something. The two anouncing sources are so different. And my question is that, does this research analysis really influence the Obama administration and subsequently affect the Tigre regime in Ethiopia, or this is simply to tell us what we have already known and tired of hearing again and again and again. I didn’t get it. If someone understands it, please explain to me!

  2. Ati maalif waan isaan dubbatan qofa dhaggeeffatta? Waanni namichi jedhu dhugaadhuma. Seerri Ameerikaa mirga fi fedhii Ameerikaa malee rakkina biyyoolessa biraatif hin dhaabanne. Durumaayyuu calqabee nama cimaa gargaaru malee uummata addadda qoodamee gara itti deemu wallaalee wal ganu gargaaranii hin beekani. Rakkinni Oromoo ILMAANUMA OROMOO bira jira. Warra gantuu fi warra maqaa ABO- tin sobee daldalu bira jira.

  3. What they say is true except at the introduction “Leencoo Lataa massacred innocent Amharas”. Those naftenyas try to inject their poisonous propaganda in it. They did not mention much about Oromo atrocities. Just they prepare this as a cover for the earlier video made against Woyane which never uttered a single word about Oromo and Oromia.This video is a production of ESAT.what they suppose to do when OMN covered with “neutrality” and busy interviewing all existing and non-existing organizations.

    1. @Gaarii, For me this is an excellent documentary even if it has some wrong information. The best solution for Oromo to produce a documentary on there own. What were we waiting? Why have not you or other Oromo produced a true documentary? You were all llazy and stupid. Now shut up, you did nothing in the past 24 years Say thank you to the producer wether it was ESAT or any group.

  4. The tplf tigre party incapable to rule in accordance of rule of law in that country. tigre government make-up those video the killing of Amara to create tension between Oromo and Amahar.
    This vicious, brutal, violent tplf policy must be defeated. by the people power. Any resealable person would have understood that the killing of Amara whatever happed was by tplf. They are responsible. Oromo people. Oromo people is the people of dignity. The people who knows Gudifacha meaning (treating others children like their own children.) Oromo people is not parasite those who did it was tplf tigre. Greedy people who never want to live with the people peacefully.
    Oromo people are democratic people who love every one. The people who give you honey, milk and beautiful bread that our country have. My God make them pay heavy piece this parasite group of Nero Nazi tplf.

  5. When Oromo farmers lose the livelihood Amara group simply didn’t say nothing like they are supporting tplf for eviction of Oromo people. Where, were ESAT when millions of Oromo farmers evicted from their land. How come they cry for Ethiopia? Is Ethiopia only Amhara?

    1. Oplw: the same thing can be said about Oromos. Where were Oromo leaders, Oromo human right activists, Oromo medias,Oromo religious leaders of christianity and Islam when Amaras were evicted from a town near Ambo and also in Wallaga, and Jimma and Gambela? Those Amahars that were evicted from Oromia region were evicted by TPLF regime not by Oromo people from these towns. Oromo people have no power to evicted Amahar people or any one from Oromia region. When Amahars evicted from Oromo towns most people think it was Oromo that was doing the eviction ….and most Amharic speaking …..medias reported the events took place in Oromia region which makes Oromo people look as haters of Amahar people. TPLF wants Amaras and Oromo hate each other and kill each even after TPLF is gone. The medias painted Oromo people as bad people with knowing or without knowing while TPLF operates behind every evictions and watches and have fun as the events ofcoure took place inside Oromia region not in Tigray. I didn’t not hear one word TPLF or Tigray while the evictions took place in the past in Oromia region .I heard Oromo, Amahar, OPDO, and evictions. And where were Oromo medias? New Evictions of Oromos taking place in 2015 right in around shagar don’t ask me why Amahars are not crying for Oromos who are getting evicted from their homes and land and towns? The guys that are doing the actually evictions speak Afaan Oromo not Tigray or Amaharic .Good day.

      1. Hello Freedom, it is sad to hear the eviction of any ethnic group members from their ancestral land whether that ethnic group is Oromo or Amhara. However, it is not fair to equate what is currently happening to the Oromo farmers around Finfinnee and other parts of Oromia to that of what is happening to the Amhara’s. Sure, there are incidents where Amhara farmers who reside in places other than the Amhara region are being displaced from their land by TPLF. That is sad. But, it is not fair to compare the level of atrocities committed on Oromo farmers with those of Amhara’s. In broad day light, the Oromo farmers are being displaced from their ancestral land in drove. I don’t think this kind of atrocity is happening to the Amhara farmers in Amhara region. Secondly, Oromo Organizations including OMN have set out their agenda to reflect and protect the interests of the Oromo people. They never disguised their intention. On the other hand, all organizations in the name of Ethiopia have never shown to reflect the interests of other ethnic groups other than Amhara. In fact, in some cases they are inciting to create friction by tapping into the grievances of the Amhara people. That is the distinction here.

        1. D. Makuria: I posted the comment for “Oplw” and maybe others who share his/her viewers that ” When Oromo farmers lose the livelihood Amara group simply didn’t say nothing like they are supporting tplf for eviction of Oromo people”. above is what OPLW posted My short respond is if you want Amahars to say something about Oromos losing their livehood why don’t you yourself say something when Amahars get eviction from Oromo towns? Think about it. If you don’t say nothing when Amahars evicted from Oromo towns and Gembela what makes you think Amahars have to say something about Oromos being evicted from their ancestral land by Afaan Oromo speakers not by Tigrays or Amahars. Oromos are being evicted by org called OPDO created by TPLF. Amahars people are not evicting Oromo people from their ancestral land and towns. Tigray people are not evicting Oromo people from their ancestral land and towns. Oromo medias/webs sites need to step and tell Oromo people who are actually evicting Oromo farmers from their ancestral land and towns? I hope and pray OPLW will not tell me Amahar medias are not saying nothing and stuff about Oromo people and who is doing the evictions of Oromos from their ancestral land and towns in 205 in towns around shagar.

          1. You said the guys that are doing the actually evictions speak Afaan Oromo not Tigray or Amaharic actually neftegna and fascist tplf also speak Afaan Oromo. Whatever you intended say it doesn’t matter. We said Amara group we ddn’t said poor Amara people who do not have any voice in the tplf Nero fascist system. Oromo people will survive they have survived from many genocide committed by dictators. The truth will prevails. tplf fascist their collaborators will pay heavy pricy.
            Have you seen any tigre evicted form tigriy and you have seen massive eviction of Amara from Gondar. Why you lie. Simply you are collaborator of tplf agents. Oromo people do not need your support we will do it with many others our brothers. Those who are enjoying this fascist deed of tplf will face the same thing.
            You will never see any single tplf in oromima when the time comes they will be buried in the hole that they have been digging for others people. Oromo people enemy will be destroyed soon. When the time comes Tplf will face the same fate tplf will be evicted they will test the bitter side of what they have been doing to all the people in that country. (Basfarubate kuna maseferacio Aykirim). Victory to Oromo people and their friends.

  6. Hellow there,
    The Etiopians, the Oromos, Amharas and other ethnic groups are the victims of their own failer. Ethiopians do not need to beg Obama or other nations to save them rather, they have the posibilities and resources of getting rid of the tplf on the war field.

    Why Oromos and the Amhara are cowards. The tplf is killing them every day. Jailingthem every day. Neither Obama nor god does not save them from the horror of tplf. They have to fight thesmselves. They could mobolize tens of millions of fighting forces. They only need get united and fight the tplf.

    Do no cry.

    1. Oplw: why are you trying to change the topic from :”Oromo farmers getting evicted from their ancestral land and towns and homes” to Amaras and Tigrays. Oromos are getting evicted by other Oromos who are fancied and trained by TPLF regime and investors. Yes the guys that are doing the actually evictions speak Afaan Oromo not Tigray or Amaharic. Do you think Oromos don’t do other Oromos wrong? Do think Amahars do not do other Amahars wrong? do you think Tigrays do not do other Tigrays wrong? Didn’t we all just watched Oromo artists invited back home by TPLF regime to preformed and give interviews on TPLF controlled medias on Oromo diaspora festival week 2015? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BRV_Tg3iTw

      1. @freedom Go to hell !! You are the one who said it is not Amhara or tigre who evicted oromo. You aid. I actually responded to you yes its Amara opdo yes tigre tplf sysemt. If you want to defend them you will be destroyed with them sooner or later. You know you are one of enemy you don’t feel pain. If so you didn’t have said or you didn’t have jacked on some one’s pain. Do not forget if you are Amhara , the plan tplf that is after completion of Oromo people eviction soon will flow the Amara eviction. tplf do not care about anybody in Ethiopia for Ethiopia tplf only care for money, and they will do the something to Amara. So do not enjoy Oromo people pain they will survive and tplf will pay heavy price. No powerful dictators on this planet of earth can stay on power for ever. The current generations are determined not to be slaved by such animals group of Nero fascist tplf.

        You also said do you think Tigrays do not do other Tigrays wrong! Tell that for such enough person like you who want to hide the truth. We have never seen or heard any tigre been evicted from tigre . They are enjoying prosperity some one’s land resources, occupying Oromo land and transferred Oromo land to their people.

        Do not forget want tplf said when they arrived to our country. In Amharic Cross word they said (tigrey eskytilema lelau yedma) .Isn’t that tplf who saied that. Meaning (til tigry established and prospered the others will bleed). It was discovered by professed Mesfine before tplf incarcerated him. Therefore that is what they’re committing; because that is crime they are committing crime against particular ethnic group. Any reasonable person cannot hide this true. You are simply hiding something whether you are agent who cares. Sooner or later the truth will be realized to all the people of that country and will be free from tplf slavery. tplf and their supporters will be destroyed by the people power.

        1. @Oplw I think you are a little person trying to act like a big man. So far you have called me names and insulted me for having a different opinion from yours. My opinion is based on facts on the ground I think you are untouched with real world and Oromo people and I also think you are living in a denial. The fact on the ground inside oromia is that ”Oromo farmers getting evicted from their ancestral land and towns and homes by OPDO under the order of TPLF. Are you telling us OPDO members don’t speak Afaan Oromo? I think you have to speak Afaan Oromo to be a OPDO member. Do you realize that you are keep denying that Oromos are not getting evicted by Afaan Oromo speakers OPDO members under the order of TPLF? From your writing you seem trying to tell us OPDO members are the good guys and TPLF is evil let me tell you again the guys that are actually doing the evictions in Oromia towns are OPDO members don’t forget TPLF says we are not in charge of Oromia OPDO is in charge of Oromia and OPDO is the once that is hurting Oromo people under the order of their created TPLF.

          1. @freedom! It shows that you’re a party of those fascist agents the mergers, dinky trying to be someone else. The fact you‘re defending and act like those doges whether you’re opdo or neftegna or fascist lplf you just waiting for your days. Those who commit crime will be dealt with accordingly. If you’re not part of fascist criminals why do you worry?
            Whether opdo or neftegna or fascist,Nazi lplf they are enemy of Oromo people, they do not represent Oromo people. Are you a fascist tplf who enjoy in someone’s pain? If so you will face the same fate what those fascist deserves. Tplf and their supporter enemy of everyone in that country, tplf and their supporters have no place to run when the time comes.
            Nero fascit Nazi was defeated in wester by the children of the world. Nero Fascist tplf and their support will be defeated by all the people of that country.

  7. History 101! The allied forces defeated Nazism and Fascism by these three basic principles: 1. the enemy of my enemy is my friend 2. the friend of my enemy is my enemy 3. the enemy of my friend is my enemy. Based on these basic principles, the Fascist TPLF is now totally isolated and standing naked in the midst of arch enemies. It had also lost international credibility. See the timing of this video and the trip of a bipartisan group of U.S Senators who are now visiting the evil Empire called Etj

  8. The strong message I am getting from the comments above is this: Fight the “common enemy” in power UNITED and by all means necessary to get rid of it.

    Just like Jiruu Barii listed the old wisdom of beating a “common enemy”, I have the following to add for our own situation.

    1. We must all fully and explicitly understand and hate what woyanes/TPLF love to do against us in the first place. A good example for this is their divide and rule/conquer and Apartheid policy they put on us for the last 25 years.

    2. We must fully understand/realize that the “common enemy” in power is not to be defeated easily by individual and fragmented struggle because of the divide and rule strategy it is applying . The ancient wisdom here is fight the “common enemy” COLLECTIVELY and in UNISON. Woyanes/TPLF hate our unity to their bone marrow, because they know for sure if unity takes root, it is an end to their rule over us.

    3. We also need solidarity coming from all freedom loving peoples of the region and the world. We must not distance other oppressed and freedom seeking people because they don’t belong to us or they are not one of us. If we do, this is one area where woyanes/TPLF also exploit to weaken our struggle for freedom, justice, democracy and peace nationally and regionally.

    All the forces of dis-Unity will be annihilated by the forces of Unity!!!

    That’s all I say folks. If I am wrong, I stand to be corrected.

  9. We must work hard to convince our neighbours that we are fighting for our freedom from fascist tplf occupation. Those enemies worked hard to convince our neighbours to turn against Oromo by our own resources. We must work in one voice, we have only one organisation ABO=olf the first one the one never been dogs to anyone.

    ABO must expand your hand to others ethnic who live in oromia and beyond to assure them that Oromo people have no enemy, but plf fascist. Our unity is paramount to unite with Oromo people and to faster our struggle. Those who are dividing Oromo people will pay price. We do not have ten organisations; this is the factor that made our struggle and unity to slow. Therefore we must unite behind olf the first one the one and only.

    We must work hard to stop master plan. Tplf destroyed Oromo people house may God destroy tplf May God may make them pay heavy price. My brothers and sisters Oromo and non-Oromo people, we must not take as light what tplf is committing to Oromo people eliminating Oromo people from their ancestral land. We must be able to save Oromo people

    You must remember what that parasite tplf member said, He said whether you want or not the master plan will be implemented said. Therefore that is what they are doing all Oromo people must organise yourself and do whatever it takes. We must work hard to save our people.
    We must escalate our fighting to destroy tplf in the highest level. You journalist every single of you have responsibilities to organise our people to confront tplf. Our WBO must escalate fighting to save Oromo people from fascist Nazi tplf.

    They have already eliminated Oromo people from Addis Ababa city like Ermias X member of tplf said 150,000 that was way, way back since then they have destroyed many Oromo house and gave to others people. Those all condominium house Oromo land replaced by non-Oromo people. Under that house there are Oromo bones and blood. Now they are demolishing all Oromo house in surrounding Addis Ababa area from all Oromo city to eliminate them from their land and gave to their people.

    There evidence in the hand of Ermias who was x tplf member, he also said I couldn’t watch any more what tplf is committing to Oromo people and others, it is immoral and unethical. He said nobody knows where those people went. So there is much evidence to support us our cases in the western diplomacy. Oromo people do not sleep wake-up Oromo people.

    Shawa oromo farmers must be organised this is new way of destroying Oromo people more than the crime Menilik committed. IPLf is committing the genocide yohanise committed to Wollo Oromo destroying who they are in the name of religion. Those Oromo Leaders must do more with westers in diplomacy way and in getting our army training, in neighbour country if you work hard in this there is no reason that our WBO cannot escalated in the highest level to fight tplf Nero, fascist Nazi remnants . Our WBO just need more training more support. Do more to save our people from the current tplf plan to genocide Oromo people.

    Oromo youth and others must prepare yourselves to save our people from the hidden Nero fascist tplf criminals occupation. Who do not know how children of the world should live together. Nazi fascist in the western defeated by the children of the world and Jews people have been saved. We must defeat tplf Nazi fascist by the people power, therefore we must unite with all others people in that country.

  10. Mario, you are absolutely wrong on one very fundamental issue. That is the question of unity. You put unity ahead of demicracy and human right. In your posting you mentioned democracy only to be politically correct. Infact you condemned those who are fighting for their right as force of dis-unity and hence must be annihilated. Unity is not a necessity. There are forces in empire ethiopia who are fighting for selfdetermination. It will continue untill people decide it.

  11. @JA,

    You wrote, “Mario, you are absolutely wrong on one very fundamental issue”. Thank you for disagreeing with me. Let us see if what you said is right/correct.

    Let me begin by asking this question. Why did it took the “opposition groups” or “freedom fighters” so long to liberate their peoples and ensure them with the freedom, democracy, justice etc., they have been yearning for ages? It is because they are divided within themselves and never unite on any issue that is national. They are also in contradiction with others instead of seeking solidarity and alliance.This dis-unity is what keeps the “opposition” and “freedom fighters” weak, fragmented and easy to beat. Which is, of course, a great blessing for the ruling regime in power.

    You also said, “Unity is not a necessity”. As opposed to your claim, unity is actually more than necessity. It is rather “The proof of the pudding …”. It is really sad it took you so long to understand its value. Wait dis-united for a few more years and you will realize its necessity when we are left empty handed.

    FYI, I have never been anti-independence, anti-self determination, etc, etc. What I am saying is this: None of those nice words will ever guarantee the people with the freedom, justice, democracy they have been seeking for centuries. Prime examples are: independent Eritrea, independent South Sudan, independent Somalia, etc. The fact that a country is free of domination by another country, it doesn’t mean people have freedom, democracy, justice and/or peace.

    JA, guess who loves the dis-unity of our people more than you do? Woyanes/TPLF, of course. They have a purpose. What exactly is yours?

    Simply put, first and foremost you need to know clearly what you are wishing for. Also, you must try to look into the details where the devil is hiding. If not, you will be one of those people who try to solve old problems with old and tired tricks/ways.

    Again, if I am wrong, I stand to be corrected.

  12. if tplf remove from power America will support semay part at that time stay on computer write about oromo unit again and again dirt talking is value less a person who want to sacrifices for his people can change history of utopia. do u know game changer.all of us should have to be a game changer.

  13. @abe wbo! it is a good thing to hear that from you how on earth you compare semay part with fascist Nero,Nazi tplf criminals at list semy party care for Ethiopians that is a good thing. tplf no not and never care for anyone except for tigre. We will write a good thing at that time. No one complain Oromo and Amara always know how to work together and they both love their country. That is the difference. Tplf is enemy of every , and will be destroyed soon. Have hou seen any Amara who sold our land to forigneres.

  14. i not saying amara Amara my beloved nation but nafxanya persent among them which is very dangerous if they near to power l immediately up hold my gun nafxanya is the greatest evil.

  15. nafxanya sold not only land but olso human being.even tplf know that oromo will never negotiate with amara part if the are not stopping to praise all past Ethiopia government I know that tedros,yahanis,milinik, derg and tplf all are enemy of oromo people we are living with amara peaceful but their cannot accept oromo problem.

  16. You guys have you heard anything from activist Tamagne Beyene. Who is always cry when something happened to Amhara . Why he didn’t cried for Benyshungule people who are massacred by tplf facist on the day light and where he was and were he is when man created naturally disaster crated by tplf fame is killing Harargepeople. Those Hararge children women and men are dying on the road from fame. How he did not called for massive protest to show public outcry our people are not getting enough food. When our all resource controlled by fascist tplf and only distributed for tigre Now we want them to speak out in this dangerous time. If they do not speak out or protest today when they protest.

    Tamagne Beyene and Johar Mohammed should do more and the time is now to break the wall and distrust built by tplf between our people. If you are not there today we do not know you and there will be no Ethiopian you crying for. Tpfl do not care about Ethiopia and its people. They only care for tigrey people.

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