(Reinvent Ethiopia) — Everyone is scrambling to form an ”alliance” these days. Thing is- it must be a deja-vu for some of them. The Oromo movement has made everyone itching and nervous. Some want to befriend us, other want to look to befriending us, and the remaining are openly hostile to us. Folks, it is hard to fight an enemy when they appear a friend. That time when we say ”you are either with us or with the terrorist TPLF” has come.

The fight to bring down TPLF must not be left for Oromos or Amharas or Ogadenis. This fight must be a joint fight. We all should fight and abolish TPLF. Everyone must take credit and everyone must feel included for orderly transition. Saying that, nobody should patronize and intimidate any national movement in the name of ”unity” of the country.

Predictably, some Abyssinians want to jump-start a ”united force” at this important juncture in Oromo movement. I said predictably because the upcoming Oromo convention in Atlanta aspires to cautiously move towards that unity the Abyssinians just jump-started. Sounds like they are ”a head”, so they thought.

The Unity of Ethiopia is based on voluntary association of independent nations. Every nation needs to clearly state its interests, and negotiate to workout a functioning federation whereby everyone is happy. Rather than looking inward first, clear its house and formulate solutions towards such arrangement, the reactionary Amhara elite is busy re-inventing an old TPLF strategy of divide and rule.

There is Amhara nationalism, and there are Amhara nationalists. Their influence has grown since recently but remains  dominated by the flawed and defunct ”unity” camp. The Oromo movement, so long the arrangement under which a federation of states is formed is not in place, must refrain from engaging any party in disguise of ”unity” politics.

I’m not saying the interest of Amhara nationalists and unitarists does not overlap. It might but the Unity of Ethiopia is based on voluntary association of independent states, and no such arrangement exists now, that it is only relevant to engage Amhara movement (party) to negotiate the formulation of the federation than waste time and energy on ”unity” that is yet to exist.

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  1. Johan Mohamed,

    I think you got it all wrong. The starting point of negotiation should be unity. Believing in one Ethiopia. A unity that will not yield to the demands of our regional enemies who are trying everything in the book to create havoc and destroy Ethiopia. We need to first make sure that we all share Ethiopia with its intrinsically and complicatedly interwovened form of existence that our people lived for millennia. This is not negotiable. You might ask. The answer is obvious. In any f**ing way you slice it we need to optimise the out come with a win-win model for all and a best possible scenario that fits all with a give and take generosity and acceptance of the reality even if to some extent the result does not optimise for sub group but is optimum for the group. Mathematically speaking we should maximise the global optimum point rather than pooling local optimums that will result in cancelling out competition that will reverse the optimum path trajectory globally. So my friend or my enemy? Unless you have hidden agenda like a mission bestowed on you by tplf or Egypt or Isis first thing is Ethiopia then within Ethiopia find the global optimum point that puts Ethiopia and its people on the trajectory of success rather than killing bloodshed and failure as you and the like are dreaming about. Note this is not the Amhara thing as you want us to believe. As an Oromo it is my voice and I am confident it is also the voice of all Ethiopians. While you are dreaming to dismantle Ethiopia we Ethiopians are marching ahead to bring better Ethiopia. Now the question for you is do you want to be Ethiopian or change your citizen to Egypt then we will clearly label you and we will render the ultimate punishment that we deliver to people like you.

  2. Wether independence or self-rule as developed nations have it whereby no other provinces/region interfer with the others, that all are a choice of a province/region.

    Voice of heard in Federal? No one has a right to override the voice to be heard in a province/region and even in a community.

    If understanding is required on mutual bases, product of resources distribution can be happen. But resources ownership and own management are only under a province/region. There is no more desired nor rationally acceptable to jump over other region/province and cause damage on people.

    If unity is necessary for peace and stability, the first priority against this should be addressed in meeting. That is removal of TPLF.

    I can see some immature discussion about national unity, national independence, national democratization and so on goes on in meeting. But none of these are relevant in the present context. Because, there is no way to implement such discussion as far as TPLF is still on power. Nor expect TPLF will go peacefully.

    The priority should be so unity to remove TPLF. How to unify in this areas? Is that talk onto oneself?
    Just few approaches:

    1) Role of Diaspora to unify in taking away military and police from TPLF. If every disapora contribute about $20 per month per individual having income, that will pay all military and police who defect, refuse to work, mix with their respective province/region from TPLF.

    2) Unity to stop any supports and aids from developed nations and China for TPLF. This automatically paralyze TPLF.

    3) Unity of local people to stop any meeting and contact with TPLF and TPLF’s agent.

    4) Unity to fight TPLF.

    5) unity you get sanction on TPLF.

    Don’t waste time to discuss about fate of the nation. That will be discussed aftermath of TPLF removal.
    That will include the choice of people.

    If this will not happen, men of TPLF will continue slaughtering men of other people except Tigree. Then they will marry women of others! That is what has been going on including in Ogadean.

  3. Abdi,

    You said
    “The starting point of negotiation should be unity. Believing in one Ethiopia.”
    ” ……This is not negotiable.” You mean Ethiopia.

    I and like minded fellow Oromians say:
    The starting point of negotiation should be when the so called “Ethiopians” believe in the DEMOCRATIC right of the Oromo people to accept or not to accept Ethiopia. Their right to live or not to under/in what is today known as Ethiopia. Or, what is going to be “future Ethiopia”
    Oromia is NOT negotiable.

    You can dance with or sign treaty after treaty for years to come with the your oldie ODF guys. The Qero Oromo–the Qubee generation will fight Wayaane as it is doing now thereafter will fight others to materialize the Oromo people aspiration to decide its future destiny in its own blood.

    I hate to see bloodshed after bloodshed but as past and present rulers of this cursed empire, if the future wannabe rulers, still plan on tricking or forcing Oromians without their will to be Ethiopians, rest assured Oromians are determined to fight for generations to come.

  4. It would be impossible to forge functioning solidarity without having a common ground. Considering the repercussion that dismantling Ethiopia will have, unity should be the base for all negotiations. People are dying to secure peace & security. Unfortunately no Ethiopian ruler thus far has found the write way to administer this vast & diversified country. Ousting TPLF will create a forum where parties & people are consulted to devise & develop governance system acceptable to majority of the people. So it’s a futile attempt may be even counter productive to argue to achieve something impractical at this stage.

  5. No negotiation with any naftegna fascism organization both the old and the TPLF.
    Our struggle continues till victory and total liberation,period.

  6. First freedom and liberty for the colonized. Then its possible to talk about unity or association based on mutual association.Otherwise the powerful Oromia’s revolution will bury the TPLF and the naftegna organisation like G7 with their opdo in one grave.

  7. Motmor. Are you sure you can manage 99.99999% of Ethiopians. Because you and the like make only 0.00001%. And truely speaking you have already sold your soul to Egypt and technical speaking you are not an Ethiopian and tha leaves you for a humongous task of hurrying 100% of Ethiopians. The funny thing is your wild assumption that Ethiopians will sit and see when you and the like try to burry them. Dream on. And if you dear try us.

  8. @Abdi,Where is 99.99 u write about .if you and the tpl unite u wouldnot form 1/2.
    Oromia by evrythings is twice of u both ,inaddition to ogaden,siadama and banishangul u make the pasts and present we were fighting world imperialsm governing so called ethiopia through the puppets.Now the colonialists are looking for exit.Therefore we are sure to burry the puppets and their opdo loik odf in same grave with gimbot7 fascism and its child the tplf fascsm

  9. Are you thinking? Calm down. In new Ethiopia there is no such thing of counting nationality and classifying them. I know we are not the same we are heterogeneous. I am an Oromo and the others from north to south are of different ethnicity. But this does not make us not being an Ethiopian. We all are 100% of us are Ethiopians. Those of you who sold their souls to ISIS AND Egypt are no longer Ethiopians you are numero uno enemy of Ethiopia and we will fight you. Mathematical we are like a matrix but our norm is measured and maps to a scalar. And as you know the norm property reflects our unity. Just to refresh your high school maths the norms properties includes definitness and homogeneity. You see we Ethiopians are pot of different ethnicities as different as the entries of a matrix but we are at the same time homoginios like the norm of a matrix. There you go you can not dispute mathematical fact as it is universal language relevant even beyond our tiny world earth where people like you think small and are determined to unlisted hell in Ethiopia. Please understand our differences is our beauty for your own sake think again a million times and come clean and ask for forgivenesses mother Ethiopia by its very nature is a forgiving mother.

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