Dr. Shannon Lee Smith
(dehai) — Understanding the gravity and magnitude of the COI recommendations to refer Eritrea to international court for the alleged crimes against humanity, Eritrean government has finally granted a visa to assistant secretary to African Affairs to visit Asmara and meet the president himself. The behind door deal is for eritrea to enter into a constructive engagement with United States and in return, US will not push for COI recommendations to refer the matter to international court, instead a watered down version will be prepared which will allow periodic evaluations of Eritrea’s human rights conditions. The watered down version is expected to garner an unanimous vote and it is expected to be endorsed by Eritrea.
The reason for keeping US secretary visit to Eritrean undeclared is to not hurt TPLF led government’s feelings, however US seems to be interested to bring in eritrea to its fold and also have eritrea play a positive role in helping ethiopia to go through a peaceful transition!US diplomats are quietly telling TPLF government that the way it is leading Ethiopia is unsustainable and it has to form an all inclusive government in Ethiopia and US is convinced that Eritrea due to its hosting more than a dozen armed Ethiopian rebels,it would play pivotal role toward this goal. US administration has reached to the point that TPLF’s days are over!
The watered down version which will be prepared by human rights council on Eritrea will come as a major blow to tplf led government as it was expecting the US to push in full force that COI recommendations applied on Eritrea in letter and spirit. ERITREA BY AGREEING TO ENGAGE US HAS MADE A U-TURN IN ITS FOREIGN POLICY AND PULL THE CARPET FROM UNDERNEATH OF THE TPLF LED ETHIOPIAN GOVERNMENT’s FEET!

2 thoughts on “US and Eritrea reached behind door deal to water down COI recommendations

  1. If this is true then once again the habasha trio have done deals and we are forced to be led by them. this is totally unacceptable. Oromos have to act now or things will get worst. This means the amhara are back from the cold to provide muscle for the minority tigray. As somalis we have to act as well if we don’t get a good deal right now we will make sure to spoil for everyone else. This is defining moment for not only utopia but for the whole east africa. The US must come up with a solution that is acceptable for groups of people if they want to stabilize this whole region including Somalia proper and Kenya and include cushitic people in negotiations. Lets face it how long can US prop up and subsidize this rotten entity called utopia. The minority habasha need be told the truth, enough is enough your crazy ambition will not be realized.

  2. The Tigran let minority government of Ethiopia is on crossroad more than any other time of its history & the only way out of this mess is agree on this US strategy period!

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