Dhaamsa sabboonaa Oromoo Seenaa S. irraa | Muddee 30, 2015.
Gantuu fi galtuun Wayyaanee Mitikkuu  Teessoo Pirezedaantii Yunivarsiitii Amboo bara darbe Dhaabaa Dabalee faana ta’uun uummata Amboo 87 ficcisiiuusaa hundi keenya ni beekna. Yakka uummata Oromoo irratti raawwatan caalatti mirkaneessuuf lamaan isaanii (Mitikkuu fi Dhaabaan) bara 2014 gara USA ergama Wayyaanee fudhatanii US State Departmentitti mormii guddaa Oromooti ala kanatti gochaa turan dura dhaabbachuuf gabaasa dhiyeessuuf dhufuun isaanii Ayyaantuu.net irratti saaxilaamuun isaa ni yaadatama. Bara kanammoo namoota 5 ajjeesisee gara namoota Kuma lama (2,000) ol ta’an Amboo fi naannooshee jiraatan mana hidhaatti guursiseera. 

Yeroo ammaa kana barmoonnis dhaabateee jira.  Sareen Wayyaaneefi ergamtuun kun ammallee barattootatti dhaadataa jira.  Tarkaanfii du’aa irratti aggaamame jalaa yeroo meeqa  miliqee jira.  Haadha warraasaa USA tti ergeereera.  Haati warraasaa isheen abashaan suniifi ilmoonsaa yeroo ammaa kana Minesotaa, USA mana maallaqa doolaara hedduun bitame keessa jiraatu. Innis baduudhaaf qophiirra jira.  Sakatta’a gidduu kana godhame keessatti manasaa bulaa akka hinjirree fi hoteela haadha qabeenyaa magaalichaa kan taate Abbabach Mataaferiyaa keessaa mana siree qabatee akka bulaa jiruufi yeroo tokko tokko ammoo manasaa kan Finfinneetti bitatee keessaafi naannoo goorgisii Semen Hotel keessa akka bule bira gahameera.  Nama uummata sabboontota Amboorratti duguuggaa sanyii raawwate kanas  bakka argametti tarkaanfii suukkaneessaa akka irratti fudhatamuuf qeerroon daran hojjetaa jira. Iddoonni ga’uufi deemaa jiru jala buunee siniin geenya. Mitikkuun baajeta ijaarsa manneen Yunivarsiitii Amboof mootummaan ramade keessaa miliyoona 20 ol akka miliqseefi namoota achi keessa taayitaarra jiran faana akka hirates bira gahameeera. Waadaa muudama haaraa Ambaasadarummaa mootummaa Waayyaanee biraa isaf galamerraan kan ka’es saba ficcisiisuutti jira.

Naannoo Finfinnee kan jirtaniif iddoo inni yeroo mara bulu siniif dhaamna, warreen Ambo jirruuf ammoo sirriitti waan hordofaa jirruuf sinitti himna.

Ni moona, shirriifi ergamtuun Tigiree marti ni salphatti!

13 thoughts on “Uummata Oromoo Maraaf, Waa’ee Dr. Mitikkuu Teessoo

  1. The guy is working officially for the government who pays for his bread and we know that the cuuning tigres are behind the scene. So, why him now and not Abay Tsehaye because then the tigres are only happy for the death of an Oromo or millions of Oromos so that they may replace him with an even harsher individual of their own.

    Even if there is anger and outrage the direction of the struggle struggle SHOULD NOT BE Oromo against Oromo, otherwise we might even disappear as a nation just like the ancient Kushitic empire. Tolerance and mutual support even under the most trying of times will help the nation. Otherwise the cunning tigres waiting from tghe sidelines will at some stage step in and grab the whole Oromia for themselves while emotional and foolish Oromos willfully slaughter each other.

    Haste makes waste!

    1. Where is that Fuxxed up OLF, “qanqee” tebiew tewerwariw rebel to fuxxk this bastard? Oh! I see that was heard in press release, never mind! no “qanqee” on the ground! ha hha haaaa. Oromo lose the young generations while talking, lying to each other,making frequent exhibition, claiming victory on empty bravado!

    2. man like mitikkuu tesso if he live or die he is nothing to Oromo. I he is no different than the wicked man Abay Teshay for Oromo so I dont know what your talking about “why him now”

  2. There is not need to make public announcement about idiots like Mitiku Tesso. The way to take care of him is to JUST DO IT. All you need is a brave and dedicated young man who can patiently hunt down this bastard and send a single bullet through his head.

  3. Sanyi,

    You, the usual cuuuning fox dressed in sheep skin like always try to infiltrate so hard using your best magic tricks to make the current struggle a matter of Oromos being against Oromos so that your foxy self may steal the whole of Oromya from behind. after the Oromos got very exhausted from the naive cock fight contest. We see very clearly as to how many none oromos are only shading Crocodile tears and watching from distance when Oromos get killed and displaced simply because that is exactly what they want.


  4. “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”
    Marcus Tullius Cicero

  5. Let you know that Mitiku has G + (2 or 3) building in Burayu (Ashewa Meda area). Its specific location is opposite to Kuruftu Lodge that is being constructed. One can easily see both Kuruftu and Mitiku’s building from the ring-road standing at the place called 18 (asira simint), means the place where the road from Merkato (Meslemiya) to Holeta joins the ring-road.

    The salary of a University president had been only about 7,000 Birr before the government recently increased. This guy built the building before the year 2010, which means before the relative increase. He is one of the most corrupted people, no doubt about it. By collaborating with TPLF in the killings and sufferings of the Oromo people, he wanted to be covered from corruption scandal that may come sooner or later. He wants to buy time while preparing to leave the country. He is doing this as the expense of his/our people’s life, and our people’s torture and disappearance. He obliterated the future of our gallant qeerroo. I am not sure whether any informed Oromo person including a member of OPDO has any sympathy for him in case any thing will happen to him. The Oromo struggle is approaching a critical stage in history. We know our primary enemies, they are very clear and we struggle them in front with all possible means. The enemy inside is what complicates our struggle; increasing our scarification and delaying the day freedom comes. Had it been not for Oromo politicians working for TPLF, our struggle would have been simple. They should be able to keep quiet if not helping the struggle.

  6. Bule Hora,

    I am an independent person but some of you guys storytelling activities sounds just petty envy and jealousy, when seen from the outside, instead of the motivating and visionary united national struggle. You only focus on what some petty Oromo officials have done or doing instead of the 99% Wayane robbery and Wayane ownership based on Oromo resources. Unless you focus on the power holding predatory Wayanes your successes will remain very marginal among the wider broad Oromo public. There are NO enemies from the inside but ONLY different interests from the inside, that can be resolved through networking and the acceptance of pluralistic unity within diversity, since Oromos number some 45 million heads. If every one says “my way or NO way” then the road can be rocky and very rough NOT being able to lead to the desired freedom highway. If you are waiting that the OPDO who is a coalition partner and statusquo keeper will just walk away from the coalition, leaving its role and position vacant and in vacuum with out the presence of stronger and viable alternative, then you will keep waiting until the end of the planet earth.

    If the whole state system totally disintegrates with out the presence of any viable strong unifying force, we will only have total chaos and endless violences with all sorts of petty angry war lords roaming the cities and the country sides while our people as whole may face ctastrophic lives and livings like in Syria, Iraq, Afhanistan, etc. To these we MUST ALL SAY NO THANKS! 🙂

    1. Bibi,
      I think you missed the point. The discussion is about killers and collaborators. If you think collaborators of killers only have inside interest, something must be wrong with your views.

      1. Mesfin,

        Here the killers are Abay Tsehaye and the other cunning fox minority tyrants dressed in sheep skins and pulling the triggers from behind the scene. If you can not understand this simple matter something must be wrong with your views.

  7. Bibi
    Many of us work for the government, even in OPDO for OPDO. There are people working for the true cause of people’s struggle from within OPDO/TPLF. But I do not think that there is a place for a person like Mitiku, who more than a TPLF’s person, conducts open campaign on our people. What do you read when he says in public gathering “if leaving from the campus comes it is you (the students) and I (Mitiku)” not the military. This is in daylight to students asking for their right. For me he is not different from Abba Tsehaye and Mimi Sibatu. This is not because he has strong political stand but to be seen loyal to TPLF bosses to cover up his corruption. Time will tell where Mitiku will be soon. He is paving his way to escape but as the expense of the life of our people.

  8. Bibi,
    Whether you are independent or partisan it is none of our business. There is no time to listen to garbages like what you are talking. Oromo sons & daughters are paying their precious life for their freedom. Collaborators of Tigree are not different from Tigree at this critical time. If you work for Tigree in the daylight massacre of Oromo children, your being fake Oromo can’t save you from sword of Oromo people. You will be treated the same way Woyane is treated. There is no reason to overlook such eneylmy agents. Tigree is acting that way because such people who guide them on our own land. Your comment itself shows that you are also an opportunist who is benefiting from the colonial system and may think that you can easily join the liberation camp when the day comes after this dark day passes by the blood that is shading like river from children and Oromo nationalists who have determined to face enemy and surrogates with. Comitment.
    No trash talk of inside or outside. Take a side. Liberation camp or colonizers and their collaborators in interest!! There is no dual stand.

  9. Bule Hora,

    You are right and I know how some of these disgraceful lowlife opdo members behave. They can make any rational person instantly irrational and outraged for no apparent reason. They seem to be some arrogant chest pumping rednecks who do not have any interest in their hearts other than hiding under the tplf skirt and threatening citizens. At the same time I know also people from the same organization who have the good will and good heart to communicate about important matters to their fellow citizens and saved lots of people serious troubles. So I think that one needs to differentiate the Trees from the forest. It is also about convincing the neutral bystanders among them to become active supporters while at the same working to neutralize opponents to become at least neutral and non supporters of the anti Oromo cuunning forces.

    Anyway he is still very different from Abay Tsehaye, a Tigrian from far away who holds the real power and pressures these Oromos to du harm and imprison them to get protection for their crimes. Facing Oromo enemies needs to be a joint and common project needing active political work among the mass that includes the opdo. Such people exists among all political movements whether ruling or opposition. If you work for the government and paid by the government it is also natural that you support the government. Shouting and insulting does not help because it will only lead to more antagonism and more resistance.

    Better concentrate on the source of all evils rather than wasting time and energy on the marginal issues, shouting “collaborator, collaborator”. Why can’t we see other non ruling party groups jumping on their regions ruling party members first and foremost? And now is it really the single fault of this single stupid individual that we are where we are now? Even if you kill him and a hundred like him it will not change anything if you do not have a viable and acceptable broad based alternative.


    Your “colonial… colonial…” mantra is good but now we need unity in diversity and jointly fight the 6% tigre domination. Crying too much about colonialism when only some 6% outmaneuver, divide and rule over the 94% of all other Ethiopians.

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