(France 24 TV) — In recent months, Ethiopia has seen its worst unrest in a decade. Members of Ethiopia’s Oromo ethnic group, which feels left out of the country’s booming economy, have taken to the streets in protest.

Protesters are calling for equal rights and an end to what they call corruption, land grabs and government oppression. Some Oromo families have been forced off their land, and the government refuses to officially recognise the Oromo language. The government has cracked down on the protests, and activists and human rights groups say over 200 people have been killed. FRANCE 24’s reporter spoke to the families of several victims.

7 thoughts on “Video: Anger among Ethiopia’s Oromo majority boils over

  1. My Godness gricious! This Man who u consider himself Government Officials that no body vote, Mr Getachew reda looks like an educated. But lied Big lies!!!!! As those victims those who spoke to the media said, people is dying,detained, evicting still now this time I am not just talking with no evidence, this is “crocodile tear”
    I thank for this media
    Oromya is under marshmallow
    Under attack, under arrest and detaining, raping. No media, they shut down those area that they don’t need it.FB and some media’s like OMN, ESAT Some radio’s hakked by gov.there is no court in Oromoya,Gambella,benishangul,some ….

  2. Which country’s booming economy…. When 98% of the
    Population is starving and students can’t concentrate in school because of hunger. When only tigry who make up 5% of the population control/ own 93% of the enomy and the remaining 7% only for those who submit to their order and serving Tigre ethnic group. Shame on those who support this wicked group of thugs who call themselves government

  3. The title “Anger among Ethiopia’s Oromo minority boils over” is the total disgrace and grave error to say the least. To be coorect, it must read, “Anger among Ethiopia’s Oromo majority (NOT MINORITY!) boils over” Ignorant reporters make wrong statements and through that add salt to the Oromo wounds. Some close to 50% of the entire Ethiopian population can not be minority for the first time now.

  4. “Anger among Ethiopia’s Oromo minority boils over”
    Those who share on this website, should at least change the wrong title, and the story was very more downsized than the actual crimes the TPLF-led regime armed state terrorists have been committing!

  5. Oromo nationalism will continued until the Oromo gadaa democracy restored to it’s originial Place. Oromo no indemnity from killer and mass murderer. The oromo national struggle is no ended by false excuse of TPLF . Abay tsehaye has to appear an international court for the crime he committed on the Oromo people, Ogden and Gamble people .
    People of the country United for the justices

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