Four young Ethiopian Oromo men, aged 14-17, on their way from Hargeisa to Berbera in late July. They try to find work in Berbera for a couple of months to save for their journey to Yemen (Photo/Adrian Leversby/IRIN)
Four young Ethiopian Oromo men, aged 14-17, on their way from Hargeisa to Berbera in late July. They try to find work in Berbera for a couple of months to save for their journey to Yemen (Photo/Adrian Leversby/IRIN)

Miidiyan adda addaa yaman, Dubbi himaa mootummaa biyya Sa’udi Arabiya  guyyaa kamisaa 27/08/2015 maxxansaniin akka gareen Miliishaa Huutii baqattoota 3000 leenjisuun lola biyyattii keesa deemaa jiru irratti hirmaachisaa jiran gabaasuun baqattoota komataa jiru!!

Sababii kanaan haalli baqattoota Oromoo Yaman Gaagama addaa keesa galee jira waan taheef, Waajjiri (TBHOY)  Iyyata Lammummaa Gara ummata Oromoo biyya ambbaa keesa jirtanitti Lallabatuun akka  rakkina sookanneesaa baqattooni oromoo yemen keesa jiran kana hubachuudhaan gara Hawaasa Oromoo biyya ambbaa keesa jiraatani fi akkasuma gara Waajjiroota dhimmi baqattootaa ilaalu hunddaati  beysisuun  rakkina keesa jirru kana irraa furmaata hatattamaa nuu barbaaduun Lubbuu Maatii Baqattoota Oromoo Kumaantamaan lakkaawamu Balaa kana jalaa baraartan, Maqaa Baqattoota Oromoo Biyya Yamaniin Kabajaan isin gaafanna,


Koree Waajjira Kominiiti Tokkummaa Baqattoota Hawaasa Oromoo Yaman,

Taaju Shariif

Dura ta’aa KTBHOY

Odeefannoo Dabalata,

Huthi to recruit three thousand of the Africans for their support in fighting

Saudi Arabia's campaingn
Saudi Arabia’s campaingn

August 27, 2015, Google Translate (Bawabatii) — Houthi groups and forces loyal Yamina informed sources said that for the benefit of African descent in 3000 recruited a recruitment camp bluish area, the Directorate pitted northern Hajjah province.

The sources said that al-Houthi militias forced people coming from Africa on the recruitment and fighting in their ranks, for a nominal amount of money.

Quoted sources Thursday, the sources as saying, “The group has set up a military training courses for Africans in the Brigade 25 Mika camp in Abs also set up a special training camp in the bluish area pitted the Directorate of the border.”

The sources pointed to the involvement of dozens of Africans in the ranks of the militias and their entry in the confrontations and clashes taking place in the border strip between the Houthi group and the Saudi border guards.

The sources pointed out that more than 15 people have been killed in the past three days, African nationalities were fighting in the ranks of armed militias.

Coalition warplanes launched a raid on Wednesday on the troop carrier was traveling in the international line, connecting to Saudi Arabia sleepless area, and fell 8 killed in the raid, 0.6 of them hold nationalities of the Eritrean and Ethiopian.

2 thoughts on “Yemen: Iyyata Lammummaa Waajjira Tokkummaa Baqattoota Oromoo Yaman irraa

  1. No one should finger pointing or blaming those Oromos, Somalis and Eritrean asylees or refugees in Yemen, if they join one or the other fighting factions in sectarian conflict, prompted by survival mode for themselves and their families. There are NO options left, rather than sitting with folded hand and be killed by randomly flying bullets or be a victim of ‘collateral damage’, I personally think this is the next logical choice, where there is none other left, to begin with – maybe once this is over, the experience and the expertise they gain might be useful in tackling the problems that is manifesting itself in the greater horn of Africa.

    Fyi, even the states of Somalia and Eritrea are allied themselves with Saudi –Monarchy led coalition against huthi as of recently. Of course, we know where the current regime of Ethiopia stands and their wishes for these asylees.

    1. I agree those people are stranded there with no option to leave that hellish place and they are used like cannon fodder in a war that doesn’t concern them and I doubt they are paid anything like this report claims.

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